You Need to Understand Blackjack Player Moves

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If you look into the different moves available in the game of blackjack, there are too many for you to learn to become a professional expert. It would add to your advantage and increase your chances of winning due to the availability of the different moves. As blackjack involves a lot of strategies, knowing when to use these moves is more important than just gaining the knowledge about different blackjack player moves. Understanding opponent motives is another key to using the different moves of this game. Reading into their eyes and voice, their body language which keeps changing according to situations is another important point one must remember.

Let’s look at the different blackjack player moves available. Some of the most commonly used moves are hit, split pairs, double down and stand. Now we will look into the meaning of each move and the gestures involved with playing them. Hit is when you feel that you have a weak hand and need to go for more cards. To explain it further, take it that the dealer has dealt the cards and you take a look at them and feel you need to draw more, so that’s a hit and you gesture simply by moving your fingers or pointing them towards your cards. You make a stand when you feel your first two cards are good enough and you don’t need to draw more. The gesture is to wave your palm facing downwards over the cards. Some casinos may allow you to speak loud.

Split pairs are when you receive cards of the same numbers like 3-3, 4-4, Q-Q etc. But it is not necessary that the card numbers have to be the same. The pairs can also add to the same value with different numbers. The split pair allows you the option of splitting the cards of same value and playing them separately. This gives you an advantage to win separate hands which each card of the split pair.

Double down is a very simple concept to understand. When you see your first two cards and feel that they are good enough and strong, you can double your wages which you had wagered at the time of dealing. So this means you are confident enough to defeat the dealer’s hand with your third card in hand. A lot more interesting moves involve this game of blackjack which is a mathematical fun.

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