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Basic Blackjack Strategy – 50-50 Winning Odds in Blackjack

January 31st, 2011

First thing’s first. Even though I state on my blog that I don’t always follow basic blackjack strategy strictly, it is essential to know by heart as a guideline for playing. Basic blackjack strategy takes some amount of practice to memorize but after playing with it for a while it will become second nature. Please take a look at the basic blackjack strategy chart which lists the denominations of the player versus the dealer and when the player should HIT, STAND or SURRENDER.

Some key points of basic blackjack strategy are as follows. First, if the dealer has a 6, then it is very likely that they will bust (or go over 21). Therefore, the basic strategy tells us that if we have a 12 or higher to never hit. In turn, if we have a 15 or 16 against a dealer’s 10, then it is advantageous for us to surrender and take back half of our initial bet.

Basic blackjack strategy also tells us when to DOUBLE down or SPLIT a hand. Players with a a 10 or 11 will generally want to double down on their initial bet. Players should never split two 10′s, but it is sometimes advantageous to split other cards of the same denomination. It would be too confusing, I think, to explain in full detail the strategy here with words. The best way to learn the strategy is to print out the strategy chart and practice with it. After much practice you will have it memorized.

Why use basic blackjack strategy? If you can’t or don’t want to count cards, or just want to play blackjack for fun without a real intent of making it a serious business, then the basic strategy is perfect for you. Once memorized, it becomes second nature when you’re playing at a casino. It drops the House’s advantage down to less than 1% (around 0.44 % actually) and so essentially gives you 50/50 odds when playing blackjack… try finding another casino game with odds as good as that!

To quickly memorize basic blackjack strategy, I recommend printing the chart table out and taking it with you when you play. It’s not illegal to follow the strategy and casinos won’t mind you having a small piece of paper with you displaying the strategy when you are gambling at blackjack. In fact, most casinos provide these tables for their gamblers, however I highly suggest you use the table found in the link in my resource box below as there are separate charts made for different blackjack games with different rules. This strategy is the best one I know and what I always follow. It is for Blackjack with 4+ decks of cards where the dealer stands on all 17s.

Learn the chart. Practice with it, and see the results. Thanks for reading!

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Blackjack Tip Chart – Know Your Chances of Winning!

November 25th, 2010

If you are into having free online black jack game, or even looking for other systems in the casinos like free roulette systems, or ultimately trying to cheat at online blackjack, you still need to know your maths.

Effects of Removing Cards from a Deck:

When looking at the odds of cards removed from a deck of 52 cards, the cards with a + % shows your GOOD odds in relations to the casino odds.

CARD vs % odds of that card removed

…2 gives 0.39%

…3 gives 0.43%

…4 gives 0.51%

…5 gives 0.67%

…6 gives 0.45%

…7 gives 0.31%

…8 gives 0.01%

…9 gives – 0.15%

…10 gives – 0.50%

…A gives – 0.60%

Removing every card of 5 would impact you the greatest in favour as a blackjack player.

On the other hand, removing every ACE would advance the casino odds.

Blackjack is a game of simple rules that takes time to master. There are lots of mathematical formulas and laws of probability involved in the game.

Another thing about blackjack is that a lot of the outcome depends on the players’ skills and experience.

The more experienced a player is, the better the chances of winning.

How to win at blackjack, or learn how to play blackjack can also be seen with any MIT blackjack team.

These guys are the gurus of card counting, which we will discuss next time.

Ultimately, every gambling game chews on people’s emotions and that’s why casinos are betting your every penny on this.

The Rule Of The Thumb Is…Do Not Get Greedy. Setup what you want to play and Win. Be prepared to lose. Fix that sum to lose and leave. Leave your emotions at home.

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Blackjack – Your Best Chance of Winning at the Casino

November 12th, 2010

A favorite game that is played in casinos as well as other places is called blackjack. The game is also known by the name of twenty one. This game is played the most in casinos. The rules are that you must get as close as you can to twenty one. The player who is closest to twenty one will win. If you get exactly twenty one and no one else gets the card, you win. There are many different styles of this game with different rules.

Blackjack is popular because you have to exercise skill mixed with the chance that you have to win. You also have to count cards. The blackjack layouts at a casino usually deal with seven positions that can be played by three players for each position.

The blackout layouts vary as well depending on the casino that the game is being played at. In a more personal environment like at home, blackjack layouts are normally smaller because of the fact that a home blackjack game will normally have fewer players due to the smaller space of a house.

When a player gets dealt his two cards, he has four choices. He can hit, stand, split a pair or double down. When the player gets his initial set of cards and the sum is far below the target number of twenty one, the usual choice of action is to hit. Another choice is doubling down, when you raise the bet by 100%. In standing, the player decides to take no more cards. In splitting, the player splits the card into two hands if they are a pair. Then there is surrendering. Doubling down, splitting a pair and surrendering are not available at every casino and they are only available on the initial deal.

Blackjack is a fun game because it is short and simple. Many people go to the casinos to play this game because of the quickness and simplicity of the game.

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Why Everyone Needs a Blackjack Betting Strategy to Stop Losing and Start Winning

October 25th, 2010

Blackjack is one of the most popular table games in casinos worldwide. This game is easy to play, with the objective of getting 21 as total using the least number of cards. However, to get a blackjack, a player must get the said total with only two cards. Blackjack strategy betting allows a player to win at odds equal to 3 to 2.

Blackjack betting systems include the Martingale, 1-3-2-6, Paroli, Parlay, and Labouchere systems. Success and failure in each of these depends on the betting limit of the table. In casinos, tables have betting limits and are designated by colors, which include red for $5, green for $25 and black for $100.

  • Martingale – This is one of the simplest, oldest and commonly-known betting systems. It applies negative progression betting, where the player always starts with one unit bet and goes back to betting one unit with every win. However, when a player loses, the bet doubles until the player wins again and goes back to betting one unit. This blackjack strategy betting guarantees profit of one betting unit each time you win, but is not recommended because it requires a large bankroll, is risky and is practically useless since you will mostly likely lose 7 – 8 hands in a row.
  • Parlay – Also referred to as “Let It Ride” system and is based on the pyramiding scheme wherein future amount of bet includes the original bet and the original winnings. This strategy works well with other strategies and does not require a large bankroll and involves lesser risk compared to other tactics.
  • Paroli – This blackjack strategy betting is the opposite of the Martingale system and involves a positive progressions betting. In this system, the player starts with one unit bet. When one wins, the amount won and the original bet shall serve as the bet for the next game. This is different from Parlay since the player may decide to return to the original one unit bet anytime during the game. This strategy does not need a large bankroll and is generally more stable than the other systems.
  • 1-3-2-6 -Based on the Paroli system, this blackjack strategy betting works on the premise that a player can win four times in a row. This involves placing bets in the following order: 1 unit, 3 units, 2 units, 6 units. When a player loses at any stage before the fourth bet, the former restarts the cycle. Recreational players may use this tactic, but not serious blackjack players, since this can turn in large profits.
  • Labouchere – This blackjack strategy betting, called by several names such as “Cancellation,” “Crossout,” “Labby,” and “Split Martingale” is a negative progression system. This involves writing numbers in a certain order, adding the first and last digits and multiplying the sum to the minimum amount of bet. If successful, the same strategy is applied to the next first and last numbers. If a player loses, the previous value is added to the series of numbers and is subjected to the same process. Using this strategy ensures profit after completing the betting series.

Playing blackjack is enjoyable and profitable when you apply the right tactic. Using the right blackjack strategybettingis the key to turning in profit and making this simple game a worthy experience.

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Tip to Ensure Winning Casino Blackjack – Beat Casino Blackjack

October 5th, 2010

If you are looking for ways on how to ensure winning casino blackjack, then read this. You will learn how to beat casino blackjack.

Winning this casino card game can really be a fun experience. This is true especially when you win loads of money. In truth, this is a popular card game which is very easy to beat. When you know the right strategies to apply, a sure win is greatly possible. Here are some tips:

If you have a basic blackjack strategy, stick with it. Do not rely on your guesses or your hunches. In this gambling game, guesses and hunches have no place here. This is a game of strategy and math. There might be some players who believe in blackjack myths and superstitions. It is better to leave all these beliefs in your homes when you go to casinos to play. These beliefs will never make you win loads of money.

The main purpose why people play blackjack in casinos is to have fun. That is why when you go out to play, find a table which is enjoyable and relaxing. There are many good tables in the casino where there is less interruption allowing you to have full concentration in the game. It is also important that you find a table wherein games are played in fast-paced. Slow-paced tables will limit the amount of possible profits which you can win in an hour of play. Always choose the appropriate table where you can have all the advantage. Ensuring this will allow you to have higher chances in winning casino blackjack.

Another tip is to avoid taking insurance. This will make you lose more money in the long run. These are not insurances so to speak. These are just side bets. In most cases, side bets have negative impacts on the players. You should also learn how to manage your money and your bankroll wisely. In the long run, great management of bankroll can be a good way to maximize your profits. If you know that the odds are not very favorable to you, make only small bets until you have the exact opportunity to increase you bets and ensuring your win.

Most of the frequent casino goers often give tip to the dealer. Tipping the dealer is not just being a generous guy or player. When you tip the dealer, most likely, these dealers will become friendly to you and will make the game very enjoyable for you. You can actually take advantage of dealer tells when the dealer is already friendly. As the game progresses, you might observe that the friendly dealer actually has more tells than the usual. You must be keen enough to recognize these “tells” for your advantage. Of course, always bear in mind that no matter what your strategy is, you can never foresee what the next card will be unless it is already dealt. But, it is always good to learn more game strategies to ensure winning casino blackjack.

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