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The Secret to Win Big at Blackjack – Is This a Hoax?

November 2nd, 2010

The secret to win big at any casino blackjack gaming is always considered a hoax to many amateur gamblers who could not be bothered about the sensitivity of this wonderful game. Each of them would say, “I want to win big at blackjack!”, but in the end, they lost all their money! But for serious blackjack professionals, to beat the house again and again at the game, gives them real inspiration to better themselves.

So who should learn how to play blackjack and better yet, to win consistently? The answer is anyone and everyone who is interested in this game of mathematics!

Blackjack is one of the casino games where you can logically hold an edge over the house. The problem that gamblers face, is to play correctly and not greedily. That is the key to win big pots all the time and consistently.

Let us learn basic blackjack strategy.

I will go through the simple secrets of playing soft hands. A soft hand is when one of your starting cards holds an ace.

1) When you are holding an ace and a 2 or 3 – Double up when the dealer has a 5 or 6. Otherwise, just hit.

2) When you have an ace and a 4 or 5 – Double up if the dealer holds a 4 through 6. Other than that, just hit.

3) If you have an ace and a 6 – Double up if the dealer has a 3 through 6. Otherwise, just hit again.

4) If you have an ace and a 7 – Double up when the dealer has a 3 through 6. Stand when the house has a 2 or 7 or an 8. If the house has a 9 and above, just hit.

5) When your cards in total are an ace and an 8 or a 9 – Just stand and hope to win!

Here are some secrets to win consistently at blackjack:

Secret Winning Tip 1:

Learn the basic blackjack strategy. This consists of knowing what to do, as when to hit or stand or double up. You can find these in other article reads.

Secret Winning Tip 2:

Card counting in blackjack is an advanced step to become a better blackjack player. Card counting is not for the faint-hearted, as the focus has to be very quick and strong and one must learn to card count even when having a simple chit-chat with the other players!

Secret Winning Tip 3:

Know your total sum of money that you are playing and ready to lose at the casino.

Yes… I know it sounds stupid, but when you are ready to let go of the money that you brought to the casino, you will not get revengeful and end up using all your bankroll! There is always a chance to win big another day.

Secret Winning Tip 4:

Buying insurance without understanding the details of the game is for gamblers. For basic blackjack strategy, insurance buying will only reduce your winnings to nothing.

Secret Winning Tip 5:

Tip the dealer. Tipping the dealer helps in easing the already stressful blackjack table. Also, it makes the dealer easier to give dealer tells. These tell signs can be learned in other article reads.

Before you jump into the casinos and start playing blackjack for that big win, you might want to go online and play some free blackjack games and bear in mind not to use real money at online games. Have more trainings and learn more about blackjack gaming. Ultimately the secrets to win at any blackjack is to know more about the game itself and to train and practise as much as possible before actually stepping into the real game in the casino.

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How to Win at Blackjack – The Secret of Blackjack

August 31st, 2010

How to win at Blackjack? What is the secret to Blackjack gaming? How do some people know when to quit and when to stay? What are the possibilities of winning that natural 21? Let me show you some…

The simple arithmetic in blackjack dealing is to look out for the number of decks the casino is using against the players. The more decks, naturally the higher probability of the house winning. This doesn’t mean that I agree to the 6:5 rule that some casinos are paying for blackjack. Look out for the rates which the house is paying; it must be the normal 3:2 rates for payment of natural 21 or else the table should be banned!

When the crowd is cheering at a table, it usually means the probability sides have switched, in which case, it would be a good roll to join the crowd! Even if you are sticking as a sideliner for quick breaks is fine; remember you are out to win, not out to show off! When you are in such a table, your battle is already half won!

If you insist on “stalking” a table, you need to count the cards quickly. are there many 10s, Js, Qs, Ks, As dealt already? These increase your probability ratings gain to win in blackjack. But it is no so easy to count, mind you.

The secret of blackjack is simple – when playing at a table, always try to double up. But you need to know when to double up. Like when you have a ten and the dealer has anything less than a ten. Again, try to split your cards. Like when you have two aces. Or when you have two 8s. Of course the dealer must not be with a ace card. If so, you might want to surrender. Else just split the two 8s.

The most interesting strategy in any gaming table at the casinos is not about the game, but about money management. Yes, that simple but most likely overlooked issue is always the killer that the casinos hope you have missed! Always remember to have caps in what is your allowed limit to spend and Lose; yes, to lose. When you are prepared to lose, you do not lose further, if your money bank for playing dries up. And don’t be greedy. Capped how much is practically possible for you to win. If the table you are in is on a losing streak, don;t stay in it; move out. Join another table that has change odds. Lose all your emotions to your game. It is after all, only a game. The there you have it, how to win blackjack and its secrets are out of the bag! For more information, go to my other articles or visit my resources. Enjoy the secrets of blackjack gaming and win at blackjack! And then some…

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Why You Should Never Double Up When Playing Blackjack – The Ultimate Secret to Winning Blackjack!

August 18th, 2010

What is the ultimate secret to winning blackjack? Is it in the basic strategy? Is it in card counting? Is it in the Hi-Lo card counts? What makes a winner at blackjack? Or what makes a winner at any gambling games? Let’s find out in this article where I will tell you the obvious that many gamblers fail to see…

And it is not doubling up every time you lose a round! Let me elaborate.

A few days back, I was toying around with a mobile phone casino game. When I was playing with the blackjack category, I noticed that although this is just computer generation of random playing, the odds of winning and losing are about the same.

Furthermore, what makes me want to write this article is that during winning or losing in the mobile game, it seems the trends are always the same as in the real casinos when one is playing blackjack or any other table games. Which prompts me to write this article to give more advice to beginners in the gambling world of blackjack or any casino games.

The ultimate secret to winning at blackjack is not about card counting or basic strategy or anything else, it is all about controlling your emotions!

A professional gambler knows that during losing rounds, the number of times that you lose can be many and there is no logic in doubling up as there is always a limit on each table of the maximum betting sum.

I had a friend who played doubling up and ended up losing $20,000 dollars overnight! Of course, sometimes you might get away with it. But the question is, how many times can you double up? And when you do lose all as your luck runs out, you will find that the losses are more than the wins.

Another important point a professional gambler does is to have a fixed sum of money to play at the casinos. If that sum is gone, he does not even blink an eye and shrug his shoulder to play another day. The aim to be indifferent to your losses is not about acting cool, but to keep your emotions at bay. If you let your emotions eat you, you will only ruin yourself as your emotions will keep telling you “one last time”.

So keep your emotions at home and the above are the reasons why you should never double up when playing blackjack.

So now you know the ultimate secret to winning blackjack or any other table games. What are you going to do next?

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The Secret Winning Blackjack Systems

August 14th, 2010

When we’re playing Blackjack,it’s important to remember that rule number one is to assume the next card will have a value of ten. That’s because there are four cards that have a value of ten, more than any other value. Best to always assume that the next card to be drawn from the deck will be in the value of 10.

If you get dealt any hand that starts with a value over 12, you will be more likely to lose (or in blackjack terms ‘go bust’) which means to get dealt a value in excess of 21. Check the dealer’s card. If it is a 2,3,4,5 or 6, he or she is likely to draw a 10 card which means he or she will have to draw again, likely causing him or her to bust.

A way to boost the odds in your favor is by counting cards, although this kind of behavior can be spotted by casino security (but it’s not illegal). There are several professionally written guides, which can be very helpful and there are many styles and counting systems. If you choose this route, it’s best to try different systems to see which one you’re able to execute best.

Practice always makes perfect. It takes time and money, which you can handle easily by playing on the internet. It’s faster and much less pressure, there are even games that don’t require to actually pay to play which you can use to test your systems. The trick is, to play as if it really was worth money, and that isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

When you arrive at the casino, you gotta choose the right table to play. Look for the players that seem to be winning a lot as this is usually a sign that it is a good time to join in the action. By the same token, if you notice the dealer has a lot of chips then steer clear.

It’s good etiquette (and karma) to tip the dealer when you’re on a winning streak. The dealer may even begin secretly rooting for you and do subtle things to help you. For example, the dealer could start performing less thorough shuffles and penetrating deeper into the shoe before he re-shuffles, thus allowing the player to get a more accurate count of the cards.

There are excellent blackjack systems that don’t involve counting cards. Many of them are based on controlling the betting and not worrying so much about the cards.

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Real Secrets of Poker – The Best Kept Secret of the Poker Pro’s

July 9th, 2010

I’m exposing the real secrets of poker. I’m about to reveal the best kept secrets of the poker pro’s. How do they succeed? How are they so good? Read on to find out now.

People often wonder what are the real secrets of poker. Sure you know all about the strategies, the tactics, like loose-aggressive and all the rest. You know you should steal blinds, take advantage of table position, and even bluff if you can get away with it. But what are the real secrets behind the success of the true poker professionals?

I know that some of you already know how to play poker well whilst others have a good grasp of the game but are still having troubles really profiting from their endeavours. I know that you, like me, are interested in uncovering the real secrets of poker. That’s why it’s well worth your time reading this article.

Real Secrets Of Poker – The Best Kept Secret Of The Poker Pro’s

The best kept secrets of the poker pro’s. The one thing they utilise to succeed whilst others neglect it and fail is quite profound. It can’t be bought, traded or given. It can’t even really be learnt but must actually bee cultivated. I’m talking about faith.

Faith is a confidence or trust in something. You can have faith in a person, like yourself and your own ability. You can have it in other people, like that another player will make a certain move or is playing a certain way. You can even have faith in a higher power (to avoid any arguments we’ll call it life). Your faith in life at the poker table may provide you with the strength, trust or certainty to make a certain move or call a certain raise, like for example calling an all-in.

Faith is a belief that is not based on proof. This is where these real secrets of poker get sticky and confusing. There is a difference between blindly and stupidly kidding yourself and ignoring the facts and actually having substantiated faith that something is going to work out. A good example would be the difference between constantly playing loose and losing hands thinking ‘oh well I’ll trick them next time’ and constantly playing tight, folding most of you hands having the the faith that you’ll pick up a good hand and make back all your lost blinds.

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