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Free Poker Training

July 13th, 2012

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Poker has been constantly evolving over the years, making it more difficult than before. With the sudden influx of poker games these past few years, poker players have been studying the different types of poker as well as improving their skills. With each passing day, poker players are slowly developing their game play, and as a beginner poker player, you should not fall behind. This is to ensure that when you step into a game, you have a big chance of winning. Since poker is played against the other players and not the house, you need to learn various strategies and the best way to do so is through visiting poker training sites.

The objective of poker training sites is to provide beginner players a chance to learn different strategies through the aid of poker pros. These professional poker players often post their poker sessions so you can get to see how the game unfolds and what techniques they used. With the number of poker training sites available most of them have one problem, their high fees. This may not be a problem to higher stakes players, but for those who are only beginning to play, they are completely ignored which is why free poker training sites are put up.

In free poker training sites such as Poker Trikz, you only need to sign up and you get to have a free hand over all the videos, articles, and forums found in the site. You get the same type of training as with other high end poker training sites without paying anything. If you don’t know where to begin, you can browse through some articles regarding the theories used in the game and then proceed to watching the videos to see how it is done. If you get confused, you can always ask for help in the poker forums where you are sure to receive an answer. Another advantage of using free poker training sites is the option to write your own blog. This allows you to keep track on your progress as well as leave your own observation of the various poker and training sites. You can also post your video and get the chance for some honest feedback from viewers. This will provide you with another source of training since people will see what you did wrong or what you did right on your game. Once you have mastered a certain level, you can easily move on to the next level with the various videos and articles available in these free poker training sites.

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Blackjack Or Poker?

April 13th, 2011

Playing cards in a casino usually gives you better odds at winning than other forms of gambling. You are still at the mercy of the cards that you draw, but you can incorporate strategies into your bets. The game of Blackjack has a basic strategy that you can follow to increase your odds of coming out ahead. After all, if you are going to gamble you should do everything that you can to boost your chances. You can use your mind to help you along in this endeavor, but nothing electronic as it is illegal. If poker is your game then you will find an online casino poker game that fits your requirements. Texas Holdem’ or Omaha Poker are the two most popular poker games today.

The best online casinos give you an enjoyable experience. You can chat with other players and perhaps pick up some pointers. The cards in Blackjack can be dealt by hand or by a “shoe” if you are at a land based casino.. The “shoe’ uses a multi-deck system which increases the odds for the casino, so if you can find a game that uses one or two decks only you will be better off. When you play at an online casino this will be a moot point as the cards are computer generated. Many of the top online casinos offer you the option to play for free then switch to playing with your own money.

When you play Blackjack you need to get comfortable with the betting options. You must know when to “hit”, “stand” or “double”. If you want to be “hit” you are asking for another card, while “stand” means just that you are standing with the cards you have. Double or double down will increase your playing options and your bet. You might wait to try this option after you have the basics. Understanding your card values plus the betting techniques should get you started playing the fun game of Blackjack.

Poker is always a great game, and playing online casino poker is a cool experience. There are chat rooms that you can use to talk with other players. Normally you would think, ‘so what?’, but did you know that many professional card players play poker online. Some even got their start online and have gone on to become World Champions. You could learn from some of the best Texas Holdem’ or Omaha Poker players ever. The online casinos give you all the details on how to play the game, sign up bonuses, and promotions. You can have the worst poker face ever and no one will be able to tell if you are bluffing when you play online poker. Several sites offer the opportunity to play for free, and there is no charge to download either.

When you want to have an entertaining evening at home, just find the perfect online casino gambling site. You can choose Blackjack or Poker, or enjoy both. After all, why should you have to decide between the two? When you join in a terrific game online you can indulge in the best entertainment for the money.

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Can You Earn a Living Using Free Time Playing Roulette, Poker, and Blackjack at the Online Casinos?

September 29th, 2010

Mention online casinos and gambling to most people and the reaction will undoubtedly be one of fear, scepticism and utter revulsion. The media have impacted on us all the negative side of gambling and the devastating effect it has on addicted online gamblers who have frittered away massive amounts of cash, always chasing the money they have lost with yet another bet.

What the media never seem to report on is the growing numbers of people, quietly earning a comfortable living from gambling. My first insight into this world was while driving through London, listening to a late night talk show about the negative effects of online casinos and how they wreck the lives of innocent people. The show began with the host outlining statistics about how many people use online casinos and how much money is spent online each day. An interview followed with a caller who told us all how easy it was to get an account at any of the casinos and how he had lost his house, his wife and eventually his job.

As I drove, my own thoughts were that this was what happens when you give an idiot a credit card. OK not very nice, but being a pretty typical Scot, I constantly recite my own favourite saying. “A fool and his money, are easily parted.” I hold on to that notion so that every time I need to spend some money, I try and make the best possible decision on the purchase and make sure I get the best value.

Anyway, back to the radio show and the next caller came on and I was pleasantly surprised to hear a chap who echoed my own sentiments. He was halfway through his rant explaining that some people are just doomed into losing money when our host interrupted and started attacking this man for being unsympathetic. The caller calmly explained that the world can only try and protect people, but if someone really wants to spend their money then there is not much that can be done to stop them. He then went on to reveal that he makes his living from online gambling and has done for the last two years.

This seemed to confuse and astound the radio host who retorted quite arrogantly to this man, something about expecting us all to believe that you could actually turn a profit from online gambling. Our caller then went on to confirm that he was sitting at his desk with the casino open placing bets right now and yes it is perfectly possible to earn a very good living from online casinos.

As the caller left, our host made a few comments about what we had all heard and went to the switchboards to retrieve another call. The next caller was again keen to repeat the claim from the man before and assured us all that he to was earning a regular income from betting online.

This changed the theme of the show, and soon the radio station was being bombarded with emails and text messages from people all over London affirming the point that it is indeed perfectly simple to earn a good wage from casino betting.

Now to someone like me, this raised serious questions. To let you know, I had to work extremely hard for my money and the thought of earning money easily by pushing a few buttons was too much to just dismiss. As soon as I got home I started my investigations and within a few minutes, confirmed that using a few simple strategies and some simple applications, it is not only possible to earn money from a casino, but indeed very easy. The underlying reason for it is that unlike betting at a regular casino where staff are watching your every move, you have the ability to run any number of software programmes to assist in counting and calculating, and to employ a range of mathematical betting plans, guaranteeing your success.

I will sign off now, and wish you the best success in your endeavours.

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How Random Is Online Poker?

June 9th, 2010

You ever wonder how the deck is shuffled in an online poker game? Who can you hold responsible for that terrible suckout on the river? Randomly shuffled cards can be seen as the core business of online poker rooms and you will be surprised how much effort is required to achieve truly random cards. Read on about online poker rooms, quantum mechanics, radioactive decay and more.

First let’s determine the requirements for the source of a true random generator: Firstly it should be high-entropic source. Entropy is the ‘measure of the disorder and randomness in a closed system’. You’re still reading? Good, the second requirement is that the source should be nondeterministic. This means the there is no way in which the source can be controlled, calculated or predicted (note: our first requirement guarantees those last two properties).

Now we know this we can throw computers out of the window as far as randomness is concerned. Math is the only language your computer speaks and randomness and math are mutually exclusive. Basically any random function which is created by humans or by machines built by humans can not be nondeterministic. To create true randomness we must turn to something bigger (or actually much, much smaller) then ourselves.

The way to go is physics and the field of quantum mechanics in particular (the relationship between radiation and matter). In quantum mechanics certain physical phenomena, such as the nuclear decay of certain atoms, are fundamentally random and cannot, in principle, be predicted. This right here is our answer. These phenomenon’s are used by hardware random number generators to generate a truly (from our perspective, at this time) random number.

The hardware number generators are used by poker sites to shuffle the deck and are thoroughly tested by independent third parties. The implementation of the generator differs per site but you can be sure the deck is shuffled more randomly then a dealer in a live game ever will.

I hope this article provided some insight in how the deck is shuffled in an online poker game. It’s pretty sick the state of an atom (about 1 million times as small as the thickness of a hair) is responsible for the cards you get. So next time you suffer a bad beat, think of this article, count to ten, and blame the atoms!

NOTE: I only know for a fact Poker Stars,, Party Poker and Everest Poker use certified random number generators. If you’re not sure about the software you use, drop them an email.

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How to Teach a Child to Understand and Play Poker?

June 8th, 2010

Teaching a child to play any card game can be very complicated depending on the level of intelligence of the child. Poker is one of the most complicated card games in the world!

1. First, you must understand and appreciate the game yourself! Assuming this is the case i recommend that you start slow and make sure that the child knows what each card does and means. Make sure the child understands the suits and how cards work in general, maybe teach the child a easy game like 21 or 31 first.

2. Keep it simple, dont tell him there are 7 different types of poker games that stem down to over 100 more variations, this will overwhelm the child. Just teach the child a basic game such as the most popular one, texas holdem.

3. After attempting to explain to the child how the game works just do everyone a favor and “Deal the cards”! Everyone learns faster by seeing not by hearing. (If your able to have a couple other people there to help teach him then that would be the best way so he could watch but I am assuming you are one on one with the kid).

4. The child should now have two cards up and 3 cards should be on the table (the flop). Run through the hand with the child showing them what would of happened with that hand, try to give them a advantage if possible, let them win. People always like when they win and it may keep them interested.

5. Repeat everything above until the child can sit and play a hand without your help. Make sure that you keep asking the child if they have any questions. You want the child to ask as many questions as possible so that he understands it.

It only requires a few basic hands of Texas Holdem poker to understand it. You may want to allow your self to win a few of the hands because in a few years you wont be able to beat him and he will be taking all your money!

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