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How to Win the North Carolina Cash 5 Lottery

June 17th, 2010

Do you want instant cash without spending big money? Is that even possible nowadays? The answer is yes. Yes, such a thing exists, through the Cash 5 Lottery. If you are looking for fast money, this is the easiest way to earn without wasting big amounts of money. Mechanics are easy. Buy a ticket and pick 5 numbers. Generally, the numbers that can be picked range from 1 to 30, but it varies depending on the states. If the 5 numbers match the numbers drawn, then you win the grand prize. If you get at least two matching numbers, you still win, but the more matching numbers means you get higher prizes. If no one wins for the day, the prize increases.

One example of this lottery is the North Carolina Cash 5 lottery. From the name itself, it is a Cash 5 lottery held in the state of North Carolina. Procedure of the North Carolina Cash 5 Lottery is similar to the normal Cash 5 lottery but the numbers to choose from start with 1 to 39.

Sounds easy? Maybe, but if the whole population of North Carolina is taking their chance at the lottery, you will have a hard time winning. This large number of people betting may make winning next to impossible. To win the lottery you will need proven strategies and techniques that could help you become successful in choosing the winning numbers.

But don’t fret, because the different books, guidelines and software that are sold online are helpful if you are interested in winning the North Carolina Cash 5 lottery.

Remember that lottery numbers are drawn randomly. One way of choosing the winning numbers is to play the probabilities. Choosing your numbers with a mix of odd and even numbers is a good strategy. Choose at least two odd numbers and three even numbers or the other way around because with this technique, the chances of getting the winning combination are high. Having an all-odd or all-even number winning combination is rare.

Another strategy is to never use number multiples or patterns. For instance, using numbers like 6-12-18-24-30 has a very low chance of winning. Same last digit combinations such as 3-13-23-33 are not recommended. 90 percent of all winning combinations have no more than one same last digit.

The sum of your 5 numbers can be a basis for winning combination as well. If the sums of the combination you chose ranges from 75 to 125, it maybe a winning combination because it accounts for 70 percent of all winnings in the lottery.

There are lots of strategies that could be used for winning the North Carolina Cash 5 lottery. Others include number group strategies, skipped strategies; repeat hit tips and many others. To find out more about these tips and techniques, buy the books and software that offers the secrets of a successful pick in the North Carolina Cash 5 lottery. All you have to do is buy these online. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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Lottery Syndicates – The Pros and Cons

June 10th, 2010

Everyone wants to win the lottery don’t they? I know I do. Groups of people who all want to win the lottery often pool their money together to create a syndicate. This increases the chance of one of them winning. Of course they would have to share the profits, so you are never going to get that big jackpot, but in my opinion even a smaller win would be very useful.

There are two ways you can get started in a syndicate.

  1. You can join a syndicate that already exists. You may be able to find one from your local newsagent and there are some great ones online.
  2. You can start your own with family and friends.

One of the downsides of a syndicate with family and friends could be future arguments if one of your tickets were to win. Make sure you have an agreement written up to state exactly how the money will be split. You will also need to make sure you manage your syndicate properly. You can do this with software or a spreadsheet. Keep track of how many little wins you have. You will not want to divide these up until they have accumulated to something bigger.

If you are joining someone else’s syndicate make sure you do your research. Virtual World Direct is a good reputable online syndicate to get you started.

Another pro of joining a syndicate is that they allow you to play lotteries from all over the world. By joining an online syndicate you can easily play the British lottery even if you live in the USA.

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Amazing Lottery Secrets – Just the Facts!

May 31st, 2010

When it comes to Lottery Secrets, we’ve discovered amazing and powerful

information, that we feel anyone who plays their respective lottery should

be aware of. Did you know that the greatest percentage of lottery players

choose to “quick pick” their numbers?

If you knew this bit of information you might want to reconsider. 80% of

lottery players choose the quick pick method. This is where you let the

lottery machine choose your numbers. That leaves 20% of lottery players

selecting their own sets of numbers to play.

Here’s where it becomes interesting, when the lotteries were asked:

“What is the percentage of quick pick wins in relation to player selected

wins?” and they said without hesitation 50/50.

For more information:

  • So, if the 80% quick pick wins 50% of the time, and the 20% player

    selected, wins 50% of the time, which group would you have the

    better odds of winning?

    You see, knowing more about how things work can make your outcome

    more favorable. Did you know that the odds of a set of lottery numbers

    repeating themselves is astronomically improbable. Wouldn’t it be to your

    advantage to know if the numbers you hand select has ever been played?

    Did you know the number of times a lottery number set delivers so many

    odd numbers vs even numbers could give you an advantage? There is

    literally an enormous amount of undisputable evidence and facts that can

    make playing and winning your lottery more possible for you.

    For more information:

  • Knowing what numbers appear more often and which bonus ball has hit

    more often can be very enlightening. There are other interesting facts that

    are considered and played with great success. For instance, if a number

    has appeared in a number of recent drawings so many times, it will grow

    cold after that number of times. You certainly would want to know that

    bit of information.

    Do you play in a small group of friends or family? This can better your

    odds considerably with a little insider information. No, we don’t profess to

    work for the lottery, just that by playing in a group and selecting key numbers

    can almost assure your group of a win every time.

    Powerball is a multi-state lottery that is soon to make changes in their lottery

    game. To entice their players even more, they will soon be making some

    interesting changes. They will be adding 2 more regular ball numbers, so

    the total regular ball numbers will be 55. They are also increasing the amount

    that they will pay if you hit just the 5 regular numbers and miss the red or

    Powerball bonus number. If you hit just the 5 regular numbers it will pay

    $200,000, this used to be only $100,000. To take this a step further, if you

    chose the “Powerplay” option which multiplies you winnings by as little as

    2 times or as much as 5 times, you can now win as much as $1,000,000

    by hitting just the 5 regular numbers and missing the bonus ball number.

    That’s pretty cool! 5 out of 6 and it can win you a cool million dollars.

    For more information:

  • These changes with the Powerball Game came about when the lottery board

    saw back in March of 2005 that too many jackpot winners were happening too

    close together. This was not allowing the jackpot to grow and reducing the

    lottery’s revenue when the jackpot wasn’t large enough to take in more players.

    Think it could be, more players are discovering “lottery secrets”?

    Obviously, the more the jackpot grows, the more people will play, but now with

    the new changes soon to take effect, the possibilities of hitting a million dollar

    pot on any given draw will increase playing on a more consistent basis. Overall,

    the amount of players will actually increase regardless of the jackpot total, smart

    thinking of someone’s part, wouldn’t you say?

    Having constantly updated statistics available can make a significant difference

    in your lottery playing experience, playing without it can leave you, well, where

    you been so far, still wishing for a big win. Lotteries are a game of chance with

    incredible odds in their favor, reducing those odds with facts and history is giving

    you a much greater chance at winning the cash you hope to find.

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    How to Win the Pick 3 Lottery

    April 17th, 2010

    It is an accepted fact that anyone who places a bet on the pick 3 lotto expects, or at least hopes, to win. But how? Many people actually think that no one can truly predict what number combination will next come up in the pick 3 lotto draw. In a sense, this is true, but you should know that there are some steps you can take to study the odds of you winning the prize. More so, there are systems and strategies you can try to increase your chances of winning the lottery.

    If you are a serious Pick 3 for Chicago player, you would start looking for helpful tips and systems that would help you win the game. What with the growing number of internet users looking for ways, cheats, and systems to help them win, many websites have provided them what they need. One popular way to study how the lotto game goes is through the box bet. This aids you identify the chances of you winning the lottery. When a certain lotto game does not identify the winning combination in a precise order, then you can use the box bet to count the permutations your combination will form. When done correctly, the box bet could let you win the Pick 3 for Chicago up to three times in a single week. You can just imagine how envious your friends are going to be when you not only win the lotto game once, not even twice, but thrice!

    Winning the Pick 3 for Chicago is not that hard to achieve, considering the help provided to you by plenty of online sites whose people behind such websites know how to make you win the lotto game. There are even simulation games and software, on top of other lotto game tools you can use to your advantage to finally grab the most-coveted prize that only lotto can offer.

    One other helpful technique available for you is the pick 3 spreadsheet. This strategy allows you to somehow and in a way predict what number combination will come up next in the pick 3 lotto. This particular strategy allows to come up with the number combination mostly likely to be drawn in the next draw for the Pick 3 for Chicago.

    In the spreadsheet technique for the pick 3 lotto, you have to do a little research on your own. This may take days, even weeks to accomplish, but the end results are far too promising to just let this opportunity of winning pass you by just because you feeling a bit lazy, or you are not that determined to be the next winner of the Pick 3 for Chicago.

    The spreadsheet is actually a matrix of the winning number combinations for the past weeks or months. The more you dig deeper into the archives of Pick 3 for Chicago, the more accurate your prediction for the next number combination is going to be. Once you have the winning combinations, you have to count the number of draws before the number comes up again. With that as base, you can actually come up with the next winning combination!

    Chris Malcolm created winning pick 3 for Chicago strategy. He has been successfully been winning the lottery for over 10 years. Learn about his proven system at

    Tips and Tricks to Win the Lottery

    April 5th, 2010

    So, is there any surefire method you can use to win lots of money in your state lottery or Mega Millions drawings? Well, to be truthful, no. People who try to sell “secret” systems or methods that guarantee you will win millions in the lottery are puling your leg and wasting your hard-earned money. But there are a few simple rules you can follow to make sure that you can be a bit more likely to win a few bucks the next time you play. Remember, the likelihood of winning a state lotto is one in millions and millions, and even buying hundreds of lotto tickets doesn’t make you much more likely to have your numbers drawn.

    The first rule when playing the lottery to win is being realistic about the odds and your likelihood of being a winner. Far too many people waste untold mounts of cash on hundreds of lottery tickets, thinking that sheer bulk will make them inevitable winners. This is a silly road to take, and not only because it robs you of lots of money that you might as well just burn. Although it sounds strange, wasting too much money on lotto tickets actually makes it more likely that you will develop a dangerous gambling addiction that could eat up all of your savings and put you on a horrible financial track. As you attempt to win back all of the money you’ve lost playing the lottery, you’ll spend even more on “sure win” chances, and the cycle is for some never ending.

    Instead of tricking yourself into believing that your chances to win a million bucks are better than anyone else’s, take a pragmatic view of the lottery. Make yourself the promise that you will never spend more than you can afford on lotto tickets and scratch off games, and be satisfied with modest winnings. Sometimes just breaking even, or winning enough money to buy lunch for you and a friend, is good enough when it comes to the lottery. After all, anything you win is something you didn’t have before, and your goal should be to continue having fun with the lottery so you have the ability to spend affordable amounts on tickets over a long period of time. Whatever you do, don’t blow your entire paycheck on a bunch of scratch off games or lotto tickets. You’ll be unlikely to win much, and even less likely to ever play the lottery again.

    If you have access to the winning numbers from a previous drawing, take a look at them before buying your ticket. Although it won’t guarantee a win, you will be slightly more likely to win if you pick numbers that were not chosen in the last drawing, since the likelihood of them being drawn again is small. Also, if you purchase scratch off games, check the state lottery website to see which games still have a large number of jackpots that have not yet been claimed. If you purchase scratch off lotto games that have not yet produced many winners, your chances should be just a bit higher.

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