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Bridal Shower Entertainment

May 10th, 2010

Have you given a thought to bridal shower entertainment? Just as bridal showers have changed through the years, so have the activities. Bridal shower games are still very popular, but there’s so much more available. Let’s take a look at how this aspect of your plans can add to your guests enjoyment.

Many parties now have a specific theme. Look for bridal shower entertainment that’s related to your theme. If you brainstorm, you’ll usually come up with several ideas. So, let your imagination go!

The following are some plans to get you started:

Casino party: set up tables where guests can play card games, such as poker and blackjack

Chocolate theme: make chocolate candies

Craft theme: have someone who makes candles, explain and demonstrate

Hollywood theme: hire an impersonator

Luau theme: do the limbo, and learn the hula

Music theme: rent a jukebox, or hire a disc jockey

Pampering party: have someone who sells makeup come and do makeovers.

Pizza party: have unbaked pizza dough pies ready. Let guests add their own toppings. Then bake.

Spa party: hire a masseuse

Wine and cheese theme: have a representative from a local winery do a presentation

There are many ways to add bridal shower entertainment. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun, so stick to your budget. The most important point is to make sure guests, and the bride-to-be are comfortable with your choice.

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