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Learn a Blackjack Betting Strategy to Become a Successful Player

October 4th, 2010

Learning a blackjack betting strategy is an essential task to become a successful blackjack player. There are various strategies for performing the betting games. There are many betting strategies possible which work in different specific situations but the best one is that which works successfully in a particular game. Most of the strategies are scientifically originated and tested so as to offer winning chances against house odds of the dealer’s face up card.

Progressive Blackjack Betting Strategy: This is realistic in making you win consecutive games. It is based on the probability of winning two to three games straight. Thus progressively betting in such wins by adopting progressive strategy provides full advantage to such occurrences. Key matter here is that betting is not of hefty amount on either first or second hands but bets of small increments which make this strategy good for minimum betting in blackjack. It may also be done with bigger incremental wagers. It is a feasible and safer strategy to minimize losses.

Special Blackjack Betting Strategy: If we consider a track of, say, 100 plays, we may be able to study a pattern of groups of wins and losses. Many specialists have successfully studied these alternative patterns and concluded that a sequence always emerges in short successions. So the strategy is to note the emerging trend from the ongoing game and not getting carried away from 2-3 wins. Such strategy offers safety margins and practical betting sequence.

Apart from them, there are many factors which affect these blackjack betting strategies like doubling down cannot always succeed, winning and losing trends, dealer’s exposed card, betting limits, house odds and our odds. These factors are important to understand so as to make a specific betting strategy a success. Online betting strategies are also important while playing over the internet like knowledge of basic strategy, avoiding of insurance bets etc.

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Blackjack Betting Strategy – Blackjack Card Counting Tips

September 26th, 2010

If you want a blackjack betting strategy, then read this. You will learn blackjack card counting tips.

Blackjack games do not need lucky charms, hunches, or guesses or any other superstitious beliefs out there. All a player needs is great understanding on the whole game. There are areas to exploit in the game.

It is either the player or the house gets a natural. A natural means twenty one on the first dealt two cards. A player has an edge if the house gets a natural because he only loses his bet at one is to one basis, sometimes nothing especially if he got insurance. On the other hand, if it is the player who gets a natural, it is again an advantage as the house pays him at a 1.5 is to one ratio.

Another thing for the player to understand is the cards that benefit the house or the player. The principle is the house is benefited by cards six and below. These are called small numbered cards. Meanwhile, for players, large numbered cards are ideally advantageous. Understanding how to exploit this is essential on how to win blackjack. Players are encouraged to bet more if there are more large numbered cards and vice versa. Also, if there is low amount of cards left in the shoe, then it is another best time to raise the bet.

To be able to determine if the player’s count is positive and high, he may apply the so-called Hi-Lo method. Two through six cards are assigned a point value of +1 as ten through ace cards are assigned with -1 point value. The rest which are in between these cards are neutral. So when a player’s counting cards are more of positive and high, then he has more chances of winning the game. The aim of this method is also to beat or bust the dealer.

Another technique on how to win blackjack is to practice. There are computer simulators to work on with. This simulator can be programmed by the player. It also keeps a track of the player’s long term winnings which is helpful as it also tracks theoretical profits. This simulator can also help the player practice by automatically correcting him if he makes a mistake in the practice game.

There are also books about counting. From the tips the players read, they should apply and practice with these so that there techniques will be perfected in due time. Now, if the player can not perfect the technique and still has ‘bad hands’ about the game and he still loses more, then it is better to stop. Players should not waste their money on this gamble. If they want to win and enjoy, perfecting the techniques is a must.

Also, players should not be very obvious in doing their card counting while playing in casinos. It is legal but almost all casinos will not like such players because it is pretty obvious that they are putting down the casino house.

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Blackjack Betting Strategies – Blackjack Betting Odds Tips

August 29th, 2010

If you want blackjack betting srategies, then read this. You will learn tips for blackjack betting odds.

One way to use time leisure time is to enjoy and also earn. That is why more and more people play blackjack. The card game is so exciting but sometimes frustrating especially if you always lose. Fret no more. There are ways on how to reduce your losing blues and increase your winning streaks. In just an hour, you will be able to adopt these guidelines by heart.

First and foremost, NEVER take insurance. The gambling card game offers insurance but do not avail this. Look at your cards and sum the numbers. If the total is equal to nine or lower, then hit. For a total of ten or 11, try doubling down or doubling your bet IF the total of your cards is more than the up card of the dealer; otherwise, you just hit. For example, you have a total of 11 and you saw that the dealer’s up card is nine; so, you double down. However, if for example you have ten and the dealer has an up card of 11, then you should hit.

For a total of 12 to 16, you should hit if the up card of the dealer is seven or higher. But, you should stand if the dealer shows an up card amounting to seven or lesser. For 17 and higher, just stand.

For a soft blackjack game, the strategy is different. Stand if your total is 19 while you should hit if your total is 17 or lesser. For a soft 13 to 18, an ace and a six make a soft 17 so double down especially if the up card of the sealer is less than six.

On the other hand, for a split game, never split pairs of fours, fives, and tens. But, always split if your pair is made up of aces or eights. The rest, you split them most especially if the up card of the dealer is less than six.

When playing blackjack, always be consistent. Watch your fellow players. Do not play on a table where a player is out of control.

The best tip for you: If your gut feeling tells you and you can clearly see that you are winning, bet the maximum and vice versa. If you are losing, just wait. Patience is a virtue. You really need a nerve of steel if you are playing blackjack.

Try practicing. Perfect practice makes perfect. Do not think or be bothered by the dealer. He or she is just a robot in the game; he or she makes no decision in the game, just following rules. You may try other strategies like card counting or self control or limit if these guidelines does not work for you. Self control is a good one as it entails you to set a money or time limit for you. And you should stick to that allotted amount of money or time. Know when to quit.

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The Sports Betting Champ With John Morrison

August 20th, 2010

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This clever system is brought to you by a chap called John Morrison who is a qualified statistician and a keen sports enthusiast and he has combined his knowledge of figures with his love of sports, to bring you a superb handicapping system involving American sports.

His system deals mainly with the two main sports in America MLB Baseball and NBA basketball. To date the system boasts an incredible 97% strike rate, which is basically unheard of in the betting world. The methodology involved in the picks and how the system works are superb and because of the three tiers in each betting cycle, put the odds hugely in your favour.

How does The Sports Betting Champ work?

This is a progressive betting system which has three possible games in each series, so if Bet 1 wins then, you start a new series & if Bet 1 loses you go to Bet 2 & increase your stake to cover your losses from Bet 2. In the unlikely event of all three bets losing then, you would start a new series & this would be recorded as a loss.

What piece of mind do I get?

You get picks sent daily to your email address, full support throughout the duration of your membership and a full money back guarantee if your not satisfied.

Most people that have been involved in betting no about probabilities and expect a 50% success rate, but if a professional is sending you picks and each time has about a 65% chance of winning and you have three possibilities in each series then, the odds are well and truly stacked in your favour.

All of his picks have been carefully selected and you have the confidence knowing that, your bet has more than a 50% chance of winning each time and you have three bites at the cherry if needed.

John Morrison only charges a one time fee for his picks, so there is no monthly subscription and at the present moment is offering 7 days worth of picks for just $5.

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Blackjack Betting System – Winning Blackjack Strategy

August 13th, 2010

If you want a blackjack betting system, then read this. You will learn a winning blackjack strategy.

After two starting cards are distributed to each player, a player may stand, hit, double, split, or surrender. So for a stand, the player waves his hand like waving the dealer away meaning he is satisfied with his cards. For a single deck game, a player puts his card with face down under his bet.

Hit means that the player wants to take another card. He may do this until he busts or he stands. He does a hit by tapping the table with his fingers. However, for a single deck game, a player scrapes his cards lightly to the felt.

On the other hand, the term double applies only to the first two cards. This is done just once and a player doubles his bet by putting another wager (which should be equal to the original wager) next to his original wager. The player puts his card facing up by his bet if it is a single deck game.

To do splitting, same process with double is done. The only difference is that, splitting is done if the first two cards given to the player are equal in value. Two to three times splitting is allowed should another pairing occur. For single deck game, it is the same with the processes of doubling.

Lastly, surrender as the term implies means that a player may forfeit his cards and half the bet. Now, if the dealer has an up card of ace or ten and he peeks at his down card (also called hole card) for a blackjack prior to the first player’s turn, this is called late surrender. But if the dealer does not assess for blackjack nor has no hole card, it is called early surrender. Early surrender is favorable to the player because it gives protection from the blackjack of the dealer.

From these, a player will learn more techniques on how to win blackjack. He may opt to learn and practice with the basic blackjack strategy. Blackjack basic strategy is about tips on how to deal with hard hand, soft hand, or pair games. Or, he may want to use the card counting technique. Counting technique is about assigning point value to each card in the deck, whether -1 or +1 or 0. Another technique is to play by luck or money management. With this, the player sets a time or an amount or number of loses which when reached tells him to stop and quit the game.

Just like other games, a blackjack player needs to practice before playing the game. There are simulators nowadays which players can use for their practice. With good practices, good opportunities of winning come in. In summary, a player needs to learn and understand the game, learn techniques by heart, practice, read more, and practice more to be able to expand winning chances.

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