How to Deal Blackjack Cards and Win – Beat the Blackjack Dealer

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If you are looking for tips on how to deal blackjack cards, then read this. You will learn to beat the blackjack dealer.

There are many players who are good at making decisions in blackjack, but few know how to deal the cards. Blackjack is a classic casino game which is played by many individuals around the world. The game itself is very fun. Some people would even make this game as their past-time for recreation and to have a means of good entertainment.

For some reason, most of the blackjack players would want to learn how to deal cards in this game so that they will have a better idea on what is going on inside the head of the real dealer in the casino.

When dealing cards, you need to make two passes around the table start at your right so that all the players will have two cards each. As the dealer, you will have to flip one of your cards to expose its value to all the people who are playing. Note though, that when you play in a shoe game or wherein the cards are dealt from a shoe, the players cards should be dealt to them face up. Players should not touch the cards.

In the hand-held games, the players’ cards are dealt face down. That is why they need to pick those up to see its value. In playing casino blackjack, players are not allowed to touch the cards with only one hand. Always remember to keep the cards over the table. This will allow the over-head hidden camera to capture exact values of your cards.

If you are a dealer you must play you hand through a specified way. You have no choices. This is how to deal blackjack cards in casinos. There are two governing rules for the dealer. When the game rule is set that the dealer should stand on all 17, you must continue to take cards until such moment that you have a total of 17 or greater. The Ace is always counted as 11 in the dealer’s hand unlike when it is in the player’s hand, the Ace will be counted either as 1 or 11. So when game starts with a rule like this, chances are, the dealer will always bust. In some casinos, when the dealer has a soft 17, the dealer should hit and stands on soft 18 or higher than that. When this is the rule of the game, the great advantage is with the dealer and not with the players.

You will know if you have already won a natural blackjack when you have an Ace and any of the ten cards. This can only be called a natural blackjack when these are your first two cards. It is important that you know how to deal blackjack cards so that you can understand better how dealers make their win and how to beat them.

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