How to Beat the House Advantage – Blackjack Basic Strategy & Card Counting (How To)

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Winning at the game of blackjack is not so difficult or impossible. All it really takes is an understanding of basic blackjack strategy to know the best calculated times to stand, hit or surrender as well as an ability to keep track of the card count and knowing how to bet. Above all, good money management skills and patience are golden.

You must treat blackjack as a job and not so much as a game if you want to win money. Don’t be foolish and don’t be greedy. Many players lose all their money because they get greedy with their bets or they are in too much a hurry to win everything back. This happens especially at casinos where people become intoxicated and exhausted from hours of play and drink. Remember to bet small and be patient. Unless you have a huge bank, it’s not a wise idea to keep doubling your bets after a loss.

Before going to another casino it is imperative to know the basic strategy for blackjack. Knowing this alone will drop the house’s advantage to .44% above the player’s. The basic strategy for blackjack tells you the best choice for hitting, standing, doubling and surrendering against whatever cards the house has.

Just playing with the basic strategy will make the game much more fair for you. However to actually win money and know when to set down big bets you need to learn to count cards. Card counting in blackjack has the potential of increasing the player’s advantage well above that of the dealer. Player’s benefit from high cards and dealer’s benefit from low cards because they have to worry about busting. So knowing the probability of getting a low or high card is very important.

In counting cards simply remember that you start at zero and are always counting by one. Cards 2-6 have the value +1 and cards 10-Ace have the value -1. Cards 7-9 are neutral and have the value zero. As the hands are dealt, you start counting. You want to make higher bets when the count is very high (meaning a lot of low cards have been dealt, making the likelihood of dealing high cards on the next round increases).

You can find a copy of the basic blackjack strategy chart at []. I suggest printing it out to keep with you when gambling online or at the casino.

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