How Does a Professional Blackjack Player Win at Blackjack 21 All the Time?

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It is easy! No, it is not about basic strategy, it is not about card counting accuracy and it is not about working in a team or relying on one’s luck! It is not about reading soft hands or hard hands either…

It is all about discipline! Yes! It is about controlling your emotions!

What is the objective of the game? It is to beat the dealer and get your cards to total 21 or as close as possible.

If your cards go over 21, you bust and lose. Worse, as a player, you must act first to see if you go bust.

All these game rules create emotions. Emotions to win, emotions not to lose, emotions of what if I go over 21? There is fear of losing your hard earned money, fear of the dealer getting blackjack, and there is joy of getting blackjack yourself, etc.

The norm of the people in casinos are controlled by these emotions and that is what the casinos are betting on all the time! To get out of the norm, you must stop playing like all the rest of the crew.

Let me tell you a true tale of a close friend at what he does in the casinos.

First and foremost, when he leaves for the casinos, he takes only what he wants to play and that is it. It is about $500 dollars. He goes to the casino and wonders around looking for a good run or “feel”. This can take about an hour or so. If he does not feel right, he will not play at all! It is that simple.

Now, when he sees opportunity in a table game, he will tack along all the $500 at one go! He fears nothing, as he had been watching and now the time is right! The money he uses is excess of his monthly needs, so he does not mind the lost if it does turn out to be that way.

Now, if he wins, he doubles his money making it one thousand for the next deal, and then takes that win of one thousand (if he wins again). This way of playing sounds scary, but it is not. Contrary to the norm, this is how you should behave in the casinos. When the going is good, hit it big. But do not forget to save some of that chips for pure profits. He doubles up very quickly, but also takes some of his winnings. In this way, if he loses at any time after the first 3 runs, he does not lose his money but the house money! There is no fear, or revenge or sadness.

Instead, there is a mild sarcastic feeling that you actually lost the house’s money! What a joke indeed!

If his runs continue to progress well in maybe about 7 times of wins, he could easily build up to excess of pure profits of $5000 in one go! Even if he loses after the third time, he still did not lose any of his money! And if he did lose that $500, well he will just come back another time.

The problem with the norm is that most players in casinos will use a little by little of their money to play, and when they start to lose, they become agitated and start throwing their money onto the tables to get back what they have lost. The problem is when you start to lose, you will actually lose even more if you continue.

So that is what professional players do not do when playing blackjack, and that is to lose their emotions!

This is the ultimate tip of how to win at blackjack games all the time!

By the way, my friend played in the casino with that $500 and left the casino with $30,000!

And guess what, he goes back to the casinos with the basic $500 again and not $30,000! This formula is repeated always and keeps his emotions at bay all the time!


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Yours Sincerely,

Patrick Gan

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