Blackjack Money Management: Strategy to Maximize Your Winnings

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Blackjack is an incredibly popular casino table game for a variety of reasons. First, it is much easier to learn than some of the more complicated games and your only goal is to beat the dealer’s hand. Even better for the player, you can lower the house edge to a nearly nonexistent level! To do so, you need to learn what’s called basic strategy, a set of rules dictating the best moves in all situations.

Before sitting down and memorizing a chart, you should know that some blackjack decisions start before the cards are dealt. Rule variations affect the house edge as well as the number of decks that are in play. The rule variations that are good for the player include double down after a split, double down any sum, hitting on split aces and re-split of aces. Other special rules will usually give the casino a greater advantage. The long-term expected house edge is often from.5%-1%, although you can occasionally find a game with a player advantage if you look hard enough.

Also, if you ever see a single deck game, immediately sit down, as each additional deck adds to the casino’s advantage. (It’s typical to play with 6-8 decks)

Once you’ve grasped this concept, you should find a blackjack basic strategy chart and study it carefully, remembering when to hit, stand or double down in different situations.

A Blackjack “Sucker Bet”

Insurance -You will sometimes have a chance to make an “insurance” bet when the dealer shows an ace. If you decide to take it, you place a second bet half the size of your first wager. You get paid off at 2-1 if the dealer does have 21. While it may sound good to buy this insurance in the case of a sure loss, this bet actually has a high casino edge. In the long run, “insurance” is really a misleading bet that will only add to the casino edge.

Building a Bankroll with Blackjack

Blackjack is a great casino game to play, as long as you are willing to put in the time necessary to learn basic strategy. The odds will typically be much greater than most of the alternatives you can find. In order to increase your edge even more and turn the odds in to your favor, you can hunt down VIP bonuses, comps and online sign-up bonuses to help you show more profit at the blackjack table.

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