Blackjack Mitt Cons Program Review – How Does it Work?

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The Blackjack Mitt Cons program is a fitness plan created by Brandon Jones, an expert in boxing training and development. The program uses Mitt metabolic conditioning workouts to get you to train like a boxer and develop a body like one too.

The program has 3 levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced, each with its own training plan. Each level lasts for 21 days (which is why the program is called Blackjack) and the level of workout sophistication rises with each level as you increase strength and ability.

Mitt Cons is unlike most fitness plans that you know because it does not focus on how you look or on how much your weigh. In fact, that’s hardly important at all. The Mitt Cons program focuses on physical ability and how you can increase your strength, striking power, recovery ability, agility, and improve your cardiovascular fitness way beyond what regular gym workouts can help you achieve.

Although it’s a boxing fitness plan and you may have seen your share of them, Mitt cons is an entirely different story. This is not a boxing-style workout plan. It’s plain Boxing. Brandon Jones trains you with real life boxing mitt technique so you’re not just going through the motions, you’re actually working out as a boxer would.

This makes the Blackjack Mitt Con program a lot more fun than regular gym workouts as it is far less repetitive than any exercise you do in the gym. In addition, your body will move in ways that simple dumbbell or even bodyweight exercises simply can’t deliver. This can help you get the kind of body that martial arts fighters have: all functional muscles and almost no flab.

While this isn’t a fat burning program nor a muscle building one, you can expect to build lots of lean muscle and burn off a ton of fat. The Mitt cons workouts are not easy. Expect to workout like crazy. If you’re only used to gym workouts you will have to go through an acclimation phase until you get used to the new style of workouts. However, it can be a lot of fun and very challenging too.

If you’re looking for a way to not just look fitter and firmer but to also build strength, punching power, cardio bursting power, and real life fighting fitness, this is a program that may be just for you. With the video workouts that Brandon Jones has created in this program you may find yourself having more fun than with any other workout before.

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