Best Online Casino Games for Strategy

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Once the initial fascination with playing online casino games for real money wears off, most players stop setting entertainment value as the number one priority. Many of us don’t even realize we’re doing it. But when profit finally takes over that spot, it’s time to stop spinning the slots reels and start playing the best online casino games for strategy.

I’m not saying there is no money to be made playing the slots. Someone has to hit those ever-growing progressive jackpots. But strategy wise, there just isn’t much slots have to offer, certainly not when compared to the best online casino games that do present a reliable strategy.

The best strategy for slots is to claim a no deposit casino bonus and spin your way to a hopeful victory. Most no deposit casino bonuses come with “slots only” wagering requirements, but the free credits provided make it well worth your time to try. Once the no deposit casino bonus is gone, it’s time to get down to business.

The best online casino games for strategy include Blackjack, Video Poker, Roulette and Baccarat.

Blackjack offers one of the best strategy guides, especially for online blackjack games, as you can obtain a simple card that will tell you exactly how to react in every possible hand situation. The chart gives best actions for a most probable win according to your exact hand and the card the dealer is showing.

I know there are multiple ways to play blackjack – Vegas Strip rules, Atlantic City rules, games with optional side bets and progressive jackpots, etc. If you look around on the internet, you’ll find interchangeable rules to give you the best online casino games strategy for any blackjack variation. It is recommended to find a blackjack game with the least possible number of decks, blackjack payouts of 2 to 1 and no soft 17 rule (i.e. you want the dealer to stand on soft 17).

Video Poker is also one of the best online casino games for strategy. Much like Blackjack, there are specific strategy charts that will guide you through each hand to give you the best possible odds of winning, according to the variant you are playing. The casino will also have the house edge, as is the nature of the business, but with a perfect video poker strategy, you can minimize the house edge to all but nothing.

Baccarat and Roulette are both favored as some of the best online casino games for strategic betting according to fans of the ‘Martingale Betting System’. The idea is that you place a 1-unit bet on a 1-to-1 payout (i.e. black or red, high or low, odd or even in roulette; player or banker in baccarat), and every time you lose, double the bet amount. When you win, you will always profit by 1 unit. Then just start over with a new 1 unit bet.

The only flaw in this system is a too small bankroll, or if the next intended bet exceeds the table limits. Chances of you losing 8 bets in a row with this strategy are extremely minuscule, but if it happens you could suffer a heavy hit to your bankroll.

The longer you play, the more likely the Martingale system is to fail, though, so I personally recommend sticking with blackjack or video poker for the best online casino games strategies. And do take advantage of no deposit casino bonuses when they come along, as the elimination of risking your own money is the best strategy of all!

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