Amazing Lottery Secrets – Just the Facts!

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When it comes to Lottery Secrets, we’ve discovered amazing and powerful

information, that we feel anyone who plays their respective lottery should

be aware of. Did you know that the greatest percentage of lottery players

choose to “quick pick” their numbers?

If you knew this bit of information you might want to reconsider. 80% of

lottery players choose the quick pick method. This is where you let the

lottery machine choose your numbers. That leaves 20% of lottery players

selecting their own sets of numbers to play.

Here’s where it becomes interesting, when the lotteries were asked:

“What is the percentage of quick pick wins in relation to player selected

wins?” and they said without hesitation 50/50.

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  • So, if the 80% quick pick wins 50% of the time, and the 20% player

    selected, wins 50% of the time, which group would you have the

    better odds of winning?

    You see, knowing more about how things work can make your outcome

    more favorable. Did you know that the odds of a set of lottery numbers

    repeating themselves is astronomically improbable. Wouldn’t it be to your

    advantage to know if the numbers you hand select has ever been played?

    Did you know the number of times a lottery number set delivers so many

    odd numbers vs even numbers could give you an advantage? There is

    literally an enormous amount of undisputable evidence and facts that can

    make playing and winning your lottery more possible for you.

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  • Knowing what numbers appear more often and which bonus ball has hit

    more often can be very enlightening. There are other interesting facts that

    are considered and played with great success. For instance, if a number

    has appeared in a number of recent drawings so many times, it will grow

    cold after that number of times. You certainly would want to know that

    bit of information.

    Do you play in a small group of friends or family? This can better your

    odds considerably with a little insider information. No, we don’t profess to

    work for the lottery, just that by playing in a group and selecting key numbers

    can almost assure your group of a win every time.

    Powerball is a multi-state lottery that is soon to make changes in their lottery

    game. To entice their players even more, they will soon be making some

    interesting changes. They will be adding 2 more regular ball numbers, so

    the total regular ball numbers will be 55. They are also increasing the amount

    that they will pay if you hit just the 5 regular numbers and miss the red or

    Powerball bonus number. If you hit just the 5 regular numbers it will pay

    $200,000, this used to be only $100,000. To take this a step further, if you

    chose the “Powerplay” option which multiplies you winnings by as little as

    2 times or as much as 5 times, you can now win as much as $1,000,000

    by hitting just the 5 regular numbers and missing the bonus ball number.

    That’s pretty cool! 5 out of 6 and it can win you a cool million dollars.

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  • These changes with the Powerball Game came about when the lottery board

    saw back in March of 2005 that too many jackpot winners were happening too

    close together. This was not allowing the jackpot to grow and reducing the

    lottery’s revenue when the jackpot wasn’t large enough to take in more players.

    Think it could be, more players are discovering “lottery secrets”?

    Obviously, the more the jackpot grows, the more people will play, but now with

    the new changes soon to take effect, the possibilities of hitting a million dollar

    pot on any given draw will increase playing on a more consistent basis. Overall,

    the amount of players will actually increase regardless of the jackpot total, smart

    thinking of someone’s part, wouldn’t you say?

    Having constantly updated statistics available can make a significant difference

    in your lottery playing experience, playing without it can leave you, well, where

    you been so far, still wishing for a big win. Lotteries are a game of chance with

    incredible odds in their favor, reducing those odds with facts and history is giving

    you a much greater chance at winning the cash you hope to find.

    If you are interested in more amazing and factual lottery secrets go here:

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