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Blackjack Decks and Player Positions

May 29th, 2011

Today, we’re about to take a look at a few major components to the game of Blackjack through the playing card decks and participant playing position.


Blackjack may be dealt with any number of decks. As the total of decks of cards rises, this game will become much better for the gambling house. In the past, the hand was single-deck Blackjack. At some point, gambling establishments worked out they could very well enhance their odds by adding an extra deck.

These days, 1-deck Blackjack in the real world will be hard to find, except when you want to play twenty-five dollars or more each game. Typically, the lower priced limit gaming tables (lower than twenty-five dollars each round) are usually multiple-deck tables. The vast majority of these make use of four, six or 8 decks of cards.

Do not be deceived by internet casino houses. Indeed, they will often go with a sole deck, though the deck of cards is going to be shuffled right after every single game (except when stated). That isn’t the same as your 1-deck round in reality, considering that these types of games will not be mixed up when you finish each individual game. Real-world 1 deck of cards games are generally more advantageous for you.

This is not to say that you just should not have fun with playing online Blackjack. Only be alert to the variances. By way of example, considering that the online gambling houses mix up the cards following each individual round, counting cards is certainly of no use for you.

Gambler Positions

For anybody who is playing Blackjack by themselves, this particular element won’t make a difference. However, should you be playing together with other individuals, it’s smart to recognize the particular sequence of play.

The particular order of play starts off with the participant position left from the casino dealer. This place has the name 1st base. The pattern of play goes on from the clockwise course. The final gambler location to perform is always to the point right hand side of the casino dealer. This location is termed 3rd base this is a desirable position to take.

If you are walking towards a blackjack table and you’re new to Blackjack, you should not sit from the third base location. Should you have a playing slip-up, others on the blackjack table might possibly be hampered and they will end up being upset at you. Then again, should you be a trained Blackjack gamer, the third base spot is the one that you’ll more than likely choose.

Certain gamblers are actually superstitious and can solely sit in specific locations. In fact, it really is pretty much all luck of the draw. Truly the only real constant is that an undesirable gambler sitting at 3rd base can easily spoil a blackjack table. For example, the casino dealer could possibly have a six showing and the weak player hits on fifteen, gets a face card and busts. The dealer subsequently takes a face card, receives a three and holds on nineteen, most likely cleaning everybody out.

Should you be that gamer and this scenario takes place, you’ll cease to enjoy excitement. Other players are going to be staring you down and you simply will not take pleasure in your own “enjoyable” time. Beginners might want to sit at 1st base when possible. Here is the first player to act each and every hand and it’s next to the dealer. It’s really a fantastic position if you think maybe you will want some playing support.

Of course player position does not matter if you are playing online Blackjack, because, in most cases, you are playing against the dealer and there are no other players.

As an experienced Blackjack player I have played with so many people who really do not know how to play the game, not even the basics. So if you are just starting to learn how to play, read my articles or pay a visit to Online Blackjack Headquarters and learn all you need to about casino and Online Blackjack.

Playing Blackjack With a Blackjack Strategy

May 19th, 2011

Blackjack is considered one of the most, if not the most popular card game in the world. You can find blackjack tables in nearly every casino in the world today. And since this card game can be found in most of the real casinos out there, you can also find it in most online casinos nowadays.

Before you start playing any game which involves money it is always wise to start by learning the game and how it works. It is absolutely insane to start betting on a game you don’t even understand. So if you don’t know anything about blackjack or how it works. I suggest you read about the rules of the game before you start betting.

If you already know the game and the basics of it, then I suggest you learn at least some of the most basic blackjack strategies so that you have a higher chance to win. You can either just learn some basic blackjack strategies that will help you short term to make the decisions you need to make (as in whether to stand or hit) or you can learn some of the advanced ones.

You’ve probably heard of counting cards right? If you haven’t then I can tell you that simply put it means you memorize which cards have already been dealt in order to count the odds. When you know the odds of the cards that are about to be dealt, the game is beatable. The problem here is that counting cards is not considered a legal blackjack strategy by any casino. It is not illegal by law but you will quickly be thrown out of a real casino if you attempt to count cards and beat the game.

So in an “offline” casino, they fight card counting by using software that recognises and registers all the people that play in the casino. They also work hard to spot the counters and some casinos even increase the number of decks in order to make the counting harder. Online casinos simply shuffle the deck before every hand is dealt which makes the counting impossible. If you’re interested in learning more about counting cards then I suggest you start by watching the film “21″. There you’ll get a better understanding of how it works for real.

Let’s move past the card counting. Now you want to learn some of the basic blackjack strategies. Well here is for you an example of a very basic blackjack strategy which might be wise to follow:

  • You should always assume that the down card of the dealer is 10. So if you see that the dealer’s upcard is a 6 and you already have 20 then you can assume that the dealer will get 16 and be forced to hit and hopefully get busted.

It might be a good idea to check out some blackjack strategy charts too because there you’ll see a very clear explanation for when you should hit and when you’d better stand, depending on the dealers upcard and your two cards.

If you’re interested in learning more, has some great blackjack strategies explained and you should also check out their blackjack strategy charts.

MIT Blackjack Team & a Huge Profit

May 5th, 2011

In any casino, the only game where the player can have and take advantage of the odds, is blackjack and the MIT blackjack team did just that with stunning results.

MIT blackjack team & Beating the dealer

In the early 1960s when a university professor named Edward Thorp wrote his famous book ‘Beat the Dealer’ which featured a computer program for counting cards.

This gave the an understanding of the odds of the game, and the rewards to be had with the odds in a players favor and the MIT blackjack team were to use these odds to make a killing at the tables.

The game is quite simple. Both the dealer and the players are dealt cards, and whoever gets closer to 21 wins.

Thorpe’s system used card counting and other signals to “beat the dealer”. Just using one deck you could bring the odds to 2% in your favor.

However, casinos soon developed self-defence against card counters, in the same way as they had against cheaters.

The M

In the 1990s, at MIT an assistant professor and some students formed a kind of after-school club built around the mathematics of blackjack.

The MIT blackajack team developed a system around mathematics and statistics, and turned the club into a business; complete with investors.

Mock casinos were set up in various locations, and all aspects were examined, and considered, as in a large-scale mathematical study.

Psychological studies were made, both of the players and of the “house” employees, and all variables were taken into account.

It was science against the game and the game’s proponents.

The MIT group were far ahead in mental ability, and they proceeded to confront the casinos in an organized campaign.

To accomplish this they had a team which consisted of:

oA spotter. The spotter was the one who would sit at the table and play (always a mininum bet) but in reality was counting cards on their system.

oThe rear-spotter. This player was the casual observer who did play, who studied the cards as well as the casino security and game supervisors.

oThe gorilla. This was a player who just played big, and had nothing to do with the science, but was placed to distract attention.

oThe BP (big player). This is an expert spotter that plays the high stakes.

The team would all pretend not to know each other, but they were all armed with superior mathematical knowledge, highly trained in their position and extemely funded.

The posts were chosen also for ethnic reasons, as the BP could not to be a white guy, but an Arab, or Oriental, appearing to be rich and unskilled players.

The Classic Method

The spotter sat at a blackjack table, bet always the minimum bets, and did the basic application of the card counting program.

The gorilla would sit at the same table and bet, winning/losing without the benefit of the program and only there as a distraction.

The black spotter was watching as a deck became “hot” that is, as the cards in the deck would favor the players and not the dealer.

By secret signals and signs, the BP would then join and beat the casino.

The system worked and worked well, till the team became sloppy and broke their own rules. The casinos also became aware of the system’s effects, and began to search for them.

The fraternized, were seen together by casino security consultants.

Were the teams disciplined, and under strict control, it would have been years later till they were caught and banned from all casinos.

In today’s world, sophisticated cheating is the game, using technology to beat the house, if possible. The casinos know this, and have developed their own highly sophisticated defense systems.

The MIT blackjack team card counters proved that you can win at blackjack, and without cheating.

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How Player May Win Money Playing Blackjack

May 1st, 2011

Blackjack is a relatively simple game. Keep reading this article to find out how player may win money by playing blackjack. Every person at the table is given 2 cards face up or down (depending on the casino’s rules). The dealer will give herself two cards, one face up and one face down. The dealer’s card that is up in addition to the players two cards is what will determine the players next move. The object of the game is to get as close to a total of 21 points without going over and while still having a higher total than the dealer. Being dealt an ace and a face as your first two cards is a blackjack and you automatically win!

Blackjack strategy is easy to follow and follow you must if you wish to get the best odds at winning money. Always assume the dealer has a face card as their down card. If the dealer’s up card is a six or lower, then the rules state that at a dealer 16 they must take a third card. So the player ought not risk busting their hand, even if they have a measly 12. The player can hit if they have an eleven or lower. In fact it may be wise to double your bet if the player has an 11. Odds are the dealer will get a hand totaling over 21 and everyone will win as the dealer busts. If the dealer shows a 7 or higher, still assume the down card is a ten. Then play your two cards in a way to beat the dealers hypothetical hand. Take a card or two but never hit a hand that is 17 or higher (unless soft which means they contain an ace).

If the dealer shows a face card, they will check using a special mirror on the table if their second card is an ace. If it is, that means the dealer has a blackjack and the game is over. If the dealer shows an ace, they will ask if the table wants insurance. It doesn’t matter what insurance offers you or what your cards are at this point. Insurance is what is known as a sucker’s bet. Don’t buy it. The dealer will now check her down card, if it is a face card, she has blackjack and everyone looses. If not, play continues. Play your hand as if the dealer had a face card up. Each casino has their own house rules and some have different side bets players can take a chance on. These are gambles and don’t have odds in favor of the player. However its possible to get lucky so some people will choose to take this gamble. It’s important to note that the least amount of decks a card plays with is best for its players. So sit down at a one or two deck game as opposed to a 6 or 7 deck game.

The card game of black jack has been played and enjoyed by many people over the years. The rules are simple and you will win money if you play wisely.