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Good Tips for Your Game of Blackjack

November 29th, 2010

When it comes to High stakes blackjack, this is a game that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. This is because it is very much simple to play and you will have a lot of chances of winning a lot of money by delving into it. Not only is it fun to play, but with the economical crisis that we are dealing with at the moment, this can be a very important source of income. So, if you want to delve into playing high limit blackjack, you will need to know some info regarding it, especially if you are a new player.

High-Stakes General Blackjack

For many reasons, the Millionaire Casino was rated as one of the best websites out there that you can play general blackjack in. Here you will not only be in for some of the highest stake son the internet that can reach up to five thousand dollars. There are also some other games that you will be a able to play there, meaning that you will never get bored and will always have a continuous flow of money into your accounts.

High-Stakes European-Blackjack: USD

When it comes to the five thousand dollars limits, they were not limited only to the players in the United Kingdom and the only ones that were restricted numbered Hong Kong & Gibraltar. If you will want to play high stakes blackjack, then you will see that you can do that on no download or download programs.

High-Stakes European-Blackjack: £ Pound Currency

If you are a European player, then you will surely want to check out the casino. When it comes to the wager per bet, it is stacked at nine thousand four hundred and eighty three dollars and that is what draws in more and more people in there. If you are interested in the payouts on the table games here, they are stacked at 98.4%. You will be very happy to know that there is a download and instant play version that are offered, so before signing up, you will be able to give the software a try.

If there is something you need to remember while playing the game, is to don’t even think about counting the cards. This is a game where strategy is everything that matters and if you want to be let in on good earnings, this is the only thing you will need to consider. If you want, you can also delve into Mac blackjack and when choosing a casino, make sure that the bonus blackjack is good. If you want to be in for exciting games of your favorite cards game, make sure to visit

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Beginning Blackjack

November 27th, 2010

Blackjack is one of the oldest and easiest card games to learn how to manipulate and one of the most rewarding card games any first-time casino-bound beginner can play. The simple conceptual rules leave much room for any novice to succeed.

A basic overview of the game can be taught in a mere fifteen minutes, however, the bulk of mastering it like a seasoned casino pro does come from devoting a strenuous effort to the discipline and strategy of this classic French card game standby. For beginning players though, it takes little more than controlling simple math principals like basic addition, combined with a cunning observation of human behavior and a touch of strategy to learn the card game of blackjack.

Because of the varying levels of chance and yet still the opportunity to employ strategic tactics, blackjack is the only casino game at which one stands a chance to truly outsmart and beat the house. Gaining a sharp rise in American player popularity in the 1960′s, blackjack, once called “21″ based on the maximum card count total before a hand busts, is now one of the most sought-after card games in casinos worldwide. Another reason this game has sustained and increased in its number of players, is because of the increasing accessibility of online blackjack games. This card game is an “every man’s” game and due to its quick learning time and the advent of Internet gambling sites, there has been a modern revitalization of the game in both real-time and virtual environments.

There is a level of independence in blackjack, and perhaps that solitary sense that a player is facing off individually against the dealer might be part of the appeal. As each player tries to beat the dealer one-on-one, other players are simultaneously doing the same. There is both a social and non-social element to the game play.

Simply learning the ropes of the game is enough to get one started, however, devoting a few hours to attaining the basic strategies of card prediction and card counting is the key to having a higher payout and a better grasp of the more advanced techniques. A short time of practicing these strategic maneuvers will propel a basic player from a run-of-the-mill neighborhood poker night player to a player who would have a great edge in a public casino. If a player knows the more popular and assured strategies like card counting, which is mentally tracking the high and low cards of the deck, blackjack is much simpler to sweep than other card games. Although the house will always have a statistical edge, the component of player choice makes the game sway positively toward the player in a way that no other card game can.

As with most games, experience is another essential component in mastering blackjack play. The casino circuit is the best way to collect the practice needed to excel, because the environment is tense and the play is quick, which can teach a player to acclimate to the speedy wit necessary to win big. However, the online blackjack options and home play are also beneficial and probably more practical for most new players.

The benefits of mastering blackjack are more rewarding than most people imagine. The time invested in learning the game and blackjack strategy produces a feeling of exercising the mind while at the same time enabling a player to take home a little quick pay dirt – a great monetary reward for a few hands of fun card playing.

Live Dealer Blackjack – Real Blackjack Game With Real Life People

November 26th, 2010

Casino games, which are the all time favorite of people who love to bet, have their history back to ancient times when there were only traditional brick and mortar casinos for gambling. But now a new trend of gambling has come into extent which let people to gamble in their own house on their very own PC. Known as the “Live Dealer Casino Gambling”, this gambling facility is much more exciting and realistic than regular online gambling. The aim of Live Dealer Casinos is to make the player feel as though they are at a real live casino. Casinos with Live Dealers are pretty much as close as one can get to a real, live land casino, except for the convenience of the fact that they are online.

More authentic and fair than traditional casinos games, the live dealer casinos games give people a chance to earn money in a more decent manner. These casino games give people a lot of fun and a sense of security. The live dealer gambling is not only sophisticated but it is the one which let people to play according to their own will. There is no time limit, no long queues and no tension in your personal life as being an online player; you can be with your family keeping them as your top priority.

Playing blackjack online is certainly a different experience than gambling at a land based one. It not only lets players enjoy their favorite blackjack game for hours in the comforts of their house but also makes them able to watch their cards being dealt and the action happens without any kind of delay. There are many casino games which people like to play with a live dealer but Blackjack is the most favorite casino game among all. The main reason why people want to play live blackjack is that here they can see the cards being dealt. The only demand is a high speed internet connection.

Blackjack via a live dealer is very simple and one can watch all cards of the 6 deck shoe being shuffled and also can watch a real person cut the deck. The way that these Casinos work is with the use of a TV with live video feed. The casinos use the most technologically advanced video streaming software to achieve this affect. There are many websites on the internet acting as a live blackjack guide to let people learn more about the online live dealer Blackjack gaming.

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Blackjack Sniper Critical Overview

November 25th, 2010

So, raise your hand if you like Winning at Blackjack. Obviously I have no idea whether you currently know How to Win at Blackjack or not, but the point is my friends and I are Blackjack junkies. Three times a week we bust out a few hours of gaming activity amongst ourselves. While it’s definitely an interesting scenario of who wins and loses, we would prefer to take the casinos money instead of each other’s. This is why we had to take a chance on the Blackjack Sniper and see if it could help us make money on those multiple decks out there.

Seriously, when we saw another person who is the same age as us is making tons of money playing Online Blackjack, we wanted a piece of the action. Considering all of us have jobs that are going nowhere fast, this seemed like our best option at the time. So we started reading over the website at our own leisure and decided to take notes of which Blackjack Tournament Strategies we thought was important to learn more about in the online world. All of those efforts translated into the information you will find throughout this article. Hopefully, it will all come together for you just as it did us.

The Time Spent

My friend Gerry came back to our little meeting and talked about how it took this guy two years to come up with the Blackjack Sniper Virtual Blackjack Product. The importance of this is that he spent time testing, experimenting with new Blackjack Tips, and doing his own case study of what was working and what needed to be thrown to the curb. We are sharing it with you even though you will find it on the sales page. The reason for this is simply because anyone who spends this amount of time was truly looking for some sort of solution. Since we were at the time as well, it made tons of sense.

Why It is Better

Troy’s biggest concern was trying to figure out why the Blackjack Sniper informational product was better than all the others out there. What he came up with was that there is no complicated formulas attached to this program. I did ask him at one point why that was different from others (considering I’ve seen this on many of them); Troy explained that all you have to do is add cards. The system itself actually tells you what to do next, which means you don’t have to read about a large amount of strategies or anything. Once he made his case, Gerry and I couldn’t agree more.

100% Risk Free

Now, for me it is always about being able to get your money back if a Blackjack Game doesn’t work. Plus, it is extremely important to try the product out after I pay for something. So when that came about around the last third of the page it was really a slam-dunk for all of us. Seriously, if we have the opportunity to use this for sixty days before deciding if it is a worthy product who could ask for anything more. If you think about it you could actually be winning a lot of money and then just consider that as your ROI on the purchase of the Blackjack Sniper product.

What Do You Think

For us, the three obstacles above were the reasons that each one of us wanted to try this out. However, just as we had different opinions, you will as well. So take a few minutes and read it all over. Yes, it only takes a few minutes and if that is all you have to do to be successful at online poker, you won’t be able to pass this up. Then again, if you decide not to just to prove this article wrong then you are missing out on a gold mine. It’s up to you, but we recommend it to everyone who is reading. Good luck.

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Blackjack Tip Chart – Know Your Chances of Winning!

November 25th, 2010

If you are into having free online black jack game, or even looking for other systems in the casinos like free roulette systems, or ultimately trying to cheat at online blackjack, you still need to know your maths.

Effects of Removing Cards from a Deck:

When looking at the odds of cards removed from a deck of 52 cards, the cards with a + % shows your GOOD odds in relations to the casino odds.

CARD vs % odds of that card removed

…2 gives 0.39%

…3 gives 0.43%

…4 gives 0.51%

…5 gives 0.67%

…6 gives 0.45%

…7 gives 0.31%

…8 gives 0.01%

…9 gives – 0.15%

…10 gives – 0.50%

…A gives – 0.60%

Removing every card of 5 would impact you the greatest in favour as a blackjack player.

On the other hand, removing every ACE would advance the casino odds.

Blackjack is a game of simple rules that takes time to master. There are lots of mathematical formulas and laws of probability involved in the game.

Another thing about blackjack is that a lot of the outcome depends on the players’ skills and experience.

The more experienced a player is, the better the chances of winning.

How to win at blackjack, or learn how to play blackjack can also be seen with any MIT blackjack team.

These guys are the gurus of card counting, which we will discuss next time.

Ultimately, every gambling game chews on people’s emotions and that’s why casinos are betting your every penny on this.

The Rule Of The Thumb Is…Do Not Get Greedy. Setup what you want to play and Win. Be prepared to lose. Fix that sum to lose and leave. Leave your emotions at home.

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