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Profitable Blackjack Game

October 31st, 2010

Blackjack is a type of casino game. It is quite different from any other old fashioned casino center. In actuality you will be able to play the game through the net. You can play from any part of the world. There are many guys who show their ardent wish to earn money vial casino game. However they are not fully aware of the different procedures and rules of an internet based casino system like real live blackjack casino online. If you are inexperienced, it will seem to be more difficult to realize the importance of this game. You should gather facts and data regarding different features and functionalities of the blackjack game. To be frank, many guys think that blackjack is not easy and understandable online casino game Better to say, they are worried whether the will be capable of operating the software tools to run the real live blackjack casino.

Know How to Operate Online Blackjack Game

To be honest, it is not very complicated issue. What you need is to study little bit about the process of playing the blackjack game and you should practice a lot. Everyday you will have to watch the recent updates of different blackjack casino games online. In this site, you will get different categories of blackjack games and try to watch the games and learn how to operate the casino game online. There is another fantastic way to learn how to play the live blackjack casino online. In actuality, you should be well informed of the different sections of this blackjack game. Now, in this regard you can log at other well known sites which are only meant for amateur gamers.

What is that type of blackjack game site? In fact these sites will offer you some blackjack games online for playing just to get fun. It means, there is no requirement of investing money or winning the real money by playing the game. You will have to simply play the game to get amusement. Anybody can play such game. Dublin Bet Casino is such an internationally recognized site in which you can play without depositing money or dollars. This is the site for those who like to do some experiments by playing different sorts of blackjack casino games online.

However if you want to be a professional gamer, you need to log at this real live blackjack online site which will be more suitable to you to earn bucks comfortably. It will be a unique experience in playing live online blackjack game. You will be able to keep the well track of the dealer of the blackjack casino online. You will have the option to place bids as much as you can until the dealer whistles to stop placing bid. However, before placing the bids, you need to check the table. You will have to properly mention the lowest and highest bidding amount. You should know that after the declaration of the cessation of the bids by the dealer, you will not be allowed to proceed for offering bids on the casino table.

However they are not fully aware of the different procedures and rules of an internet based casino system like real live blackjack casino online. It will be a unique experience in playing live online blackjack game.

Playing Online Blackjack: Knowing When to Give Up!

October 30th, 2010

When playing Blackjack at a casino with others, I am always shocked how seldom I see someone surrender a hand. In fact, it is so rare, that it often requires explanation! Most casinos – including most online casinos – allow you to surrender a hand of Blackjack after all the cards have been dealt (and if the dealer is showing an Ace, he checks and has no Blackjack – if the dealer has Blackjack, all players lose and no surrender is possible).

Before you are dealt another card you can “surrender” your hand, at which point the dealer will take half of your wage and return the other half to you. I was in Las Vegas not too long ago, playing Blackjack at one of my favorite spots, and I never saw anyone surrender! That is, not until I had done it and explained the strategy. Generally, the first reaction I get to a surrender is “What?!?” Then, after the surprise, I get the typical, “You need to man up dude and play the hand.” And, these reactions come from otherwise solid Blackjack players. Go figure.

The goal in Blackjack is to reduce the house advantage. It is one of the few games where you can chisel away at the house edge until it is almost gone; you can get it to the point where you are almost playing even up, and if it is longevity you are looking for, you can play a long time without losing (or winning) any money. Of course, there are ways to try and make money and get out while ahead, but the starting point is always to get the playing field level. Diminish the house edge in every way you can. And, one of those ways is to surrender your hand where the odds are that you will lose more than half your money if you play.

Don’t you hate getting dealt that 16 and the Dealer is showing a ten. Of course you do because you are going to lose that hand 77% of the time. Like all the “basic rules” for Blackjack, the surrender rules have been quantified by the statisticians and the results are clear. If you hit this hand – as the rules require – you are only going to win 23% of the time – your net loss would be 54% of your total wagers on this hand. (If you don’t hit the hand, your losses will be marginally worse, but it still rounds to losing 54% of your wagers.)

But what if you surrender your 16 against the Dealer’s ten? You will cap your losses and only lose 50% of your wagers on this hand. Not a great situation, but better than any other alternative.

To be a solid player and trim that house edge add these rules to your Blackjack play:

(1) Surrender when you are dealt 16 and the Dealer is showing a 9, 10, or Ace;

(2) Surrender when you are dealt 15 and the Dealer is showing a 10; and

(3) if the Dealer hits a soft 17, then Surrender when you are dealt 15, 17, or a pair of 8s and the Dealer is showing an Ace.

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BlackJack – Player Options

October 29th, 2010

There are many options available to you once the cards have been dealt. Your decisions over time, will be the ultimate decider of whether you win a fortune or lose your shirt.


The player elects to “stand” with the current total and not to draw any additional cards. If you are in a game where the cards are dealt face-down, you slip your cards under your chips. The dealer will understand the message. If you are in a face-up game, wave your hand back and forth in a wiping motion just above your cards, which is the signal for standing. All casinos insist on some form of hand signal; verbal statements are not accepted. Casinos can get rather noisy, and it is easy for a dealer to mishear a player. Also, the cameras hidden in the casino’s ceilings can be used to resolve disputes only if hand signals are used, since they do not have an audio component.


The player elects to draw an additional card or cards. If you are in a face-down game, draw your cards toward you with a quick scratching motion against the felt once or twice. In a face-up game, make a similar motion with your fingertips or, preferably, point to your cards with your index finger.


If your first two cards are of the same value, you may split them and play each as a separate hand. To indicate a desire to split your cards, place an additional wager equivalent to the original one to the side of it. If you are playing in a face-down game, you must expose your cards. After splitting a pair, various other options become available. You can re-split if a third like-valued card appears. Or you can double down on the split hands should an appropriate card be drawn. For example, if you have split 8′s and catch a 3 on the first 8, you may now double down on this total of 11. Both re-splitting and doubling and doubling down after a split are to the player’s advantage.

Doubling Down

The player may double the size of the original bet and elect to draw only one additional card. The typical doubling situation is where you have a hand that stands a chance of becoming a very good hand with one additional card; for example, your first two cards total 10 or 11. To indicate a double down bet, slide a second wager to the side of the original bet. This wager may be as much as but no more than your original bet. If you are playing in a face-down game, you must expose your cards. Virtually all casinos permit doubling on 11 and 10; most on 11, 10, and 9, and many will allow it on any two cards. The latter rule is the most advantageous to the player.


When the dealer shows an A, players are given the option of tak-ing insurance against the dealers’ having blackjack. Calling this “insurance” is a bit misleading. Actually, it is nothing other than a side bet that is paid at 2 to 1. If you wish to take insurance (which is only recommended in very specific circumstances recognizable by an expert card counter only), place a bet equal to half your original bet in the semicircle running just in front of the your betting spot. If the dealer has black-jack, you will lose your original bet but win the insurance wa-ger and break even on the hand. If the dealer does not have blackjack, you will lose the insurance bet and the hand will be played out normally.


If your hand looks particularly unpromising against the dealers’ exposed card, you have the option of surrendering half of your bet and retiring from the hand. For example, should you have 9, 7 against a dealer 10 and your chances of winning the hand are slim — less than.5 — and it would be to your advantage to give up half your bet. There are to forms of surrender: “late” and “early.” In the late form, the player may surrender after the first two cards provided that the dealer does not have blackjack. In early surrender, the player may surrender after the first two cards even when the dealer is later revealed to have blackjack. Both forms of surrender are to the players’ ad-vantage, with early surrender being most beneficial. Not all casinos permit late surrender, and those that do don’t necessarily post it at the tables. Except for the occasional promotion, no casino offers early surrender any longer.

Surrender, by the way, is the only play at the table that re-quires a verbal response; there is no hand signal. If you wish to surrender you hand, just say “Surrender.” The dealer will re-move half your bet and return the other half.

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Advanced Blackjack Strategy

October 28th, 2010

Blackjack card counting is an advanced technique to win on blackjack. A player must first learn the basic strategies of blackjack before learning “counting”. By learning the technique of counting you will have the odds with you.

The basic concept of blackjack counting is that a deck filled with 10s and aces will be to your advantage. While the deck of the dealer is filled with smaller cards but is to the dealer’s advantage. Simply put, when the deck is in your favor bet to the maximum, when it’s with the dealer’s bet minimum.

This is because a deck filled with 10 increases the chance of the dealer getting bust. You on the other hand can just opt to stand. In an opposite manner, a deck filled with smaller cards makes the dealers chance to bust less. If you know the deck is filled with 10s or smaller cards, this can give you the advantage of knowing what strategy to use.

The dealer must then always hit until having a soft 17. To hit with a hand of 10 & 6 and knowing the deck is filled with 10s is a bad idea.

If the deck is filled with aces, there is high chance that you’ll hit blackjack. When the player has blackjack, the pay off odds are 3:2. The dealer will only win on the other hand if he also gets a blackjack. That’s why a deck filled with aces is always to the player’s advantage.

Blackjack counting is not done by memorizing each card that has come out of a 6 deck shoe of cards. If you are able to do that, I’d be in awe: you should be in the world records book or maybe even the loony bin.

Blackjack card counting is done by assigning the different card numbers with different point values. Always remember to pick a system that is easy to remember. This will cause fewer mistakes and you will lose less money.

As stated above, you will assign a point value for each card and you will have to add the value of the cards that have come out. This is called the running count. Based on the plus/minus strategy, here are the values assigned.

2, 3,4,5,6 = +1;

7, 8, 9 = 0;

10, J, Q, K, Ace = -1

To illustrate this more clearly:

The first card dealt is an ace, so we start by having -1. Then 6 is the next card dealt so we add 1. This makes the run count back to zero. Then a 3 and 4 follows, making the run count now 2.

After figuring the run count, you can try to figure the true count. You take the running count you have and divide it with the number of decks remaining from the shoe.

The true counts tell you the appropriate bet size and you can base your strategy from there. Good luck!

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Heavy Acrylic 6 Deck Blackjack Dealing Shoe Review

October 27th, 2010

So you have your Deluxe Blackjack Table, and your plans of Winning at Blackjack are in place. Now all you need is the Heavy Acrylic 6 Deck Blackjack Dealing Shoe to go with it. When you look at this dealing shoe, you will see one that will last you a long time. It’s most likely the heaviest and most robust Blackjack Shoe out there. This Heavy Acrylic 6 Deck Blackjack Dealing Shoe is 20% thicker on the sidewalls. Plus the rollers are much more robust, meaning that they will last you a very long time which is perfect for people serious about Blackjack Games.

The biggest reason you may want to think about getting the Heavy Acrylic 6 Deck Blackjack Dealing Shoe is that it would be a perfect addition to that Deluxe Blackjack Table with pedestal legs that you have purchased. It’s a quicker way for the dealer to get the cards out there too; a smooth process of getting the cards to those people who are using Blackjack Tournament Strategies at your table.

Or if you again are an organization, maybe you are thinking of having some casino nights to have a way to Play Blackjack for Fun or for your business, or perhaps just a fund raiser for someone in the community who may be suffering from an illness and is not able to avoid the doctor’s bills. This Heavy Acrylic 6 Deck Blackjack Dealing Shoe will make it much easier on the dealer of the games. You will find a long lasting dealing shoe in this purchase.

You can find out just what is so great about the Heavy Acrylic 6 Deck Blackjack Dealing Shoe. Soon you will realize that this will last a lot longer than those other dealing shoes that are out there. It has been built to withstand years of use, and heavy use at that. So if you only use it every once in a while in your home, this will last even longer. Maybe it will be something that you can give down to your children when they get older, along with the blackjack table you have purchased.

If you love poker and casino games, you will love the chance of getting the Heavy Acrylic 6 Deck Blackjack Dealing Shoe. And here’s some Blackjack Tips. It will go perfectly with the deluxe blackjack table that you may be purchasing at the same time or maybe you just received that and decided you need this dealing shoe to go with it. To make your blackjack table setup look more professional, you will want to get this Heavy Acrylic 6 Deck Blackjack Dealing Shoe.

Or as an organization you will want your dealer to be able to get the cards out quickly so that the games will be able to be played even quicker. This will mean more money to the cause that you are having the casino night for. This could mean several doctors’ bills that could be paid for a person who is very ill. So look closer at the Blackjack Dealing Shoe today and get your setup perfect.

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