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Recover Your Casino Gambling Winnings

July 31st, 2010

As per the US-Canada Tax Treaty, Canadians and International patrons* can offset their gambling losses against their winnings. Jackpot winners who have had their gambling winnings taxed can benefit from this treaty.

A win in the US casinos can be exhilarating but soon that excitement will fade when you realize that a 30% withholding tax that has been deducted from your gambling winning. However, there are several casino games and lotteries on which you can obtain a gambling tax refunds.

As outlined by the IRS, these are:

• Bingo

• Keno

• Slot machines


• Poker

• State Lotteries

To obtain a casino tax rebate you need to keep in mind that the refund process normally takes 12-16 weeks. An ITIN application will be filled out and submitted on your behalf to the IRS. This ITIN number will become your permanent number which you can use as often as you need to file for a gambling refund. Finally a 1040NR will be filed on your behalf.

A 1040NR is a tax return, non-us resident must file to obtain a casino tax refund. Keep in mind these simple rules.

• If you are a winner for the taxable game that has been considered as an eligible gaming activity in the last three years.

• If you are a holder of the IRS Form 1042-S and the casino has offered that.

• If you are offset winnings with losses within the same tax year.

*Apart from Canadians, In addition to Canada the following other listed countries qualify: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Russian Federation, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom. These listed countries do not have to establish gambling losses in order to claim a full refund

To receive a gambling tax refund you need not look much further. U.S. Tax Recovery is a firm based out of Canada which can provide such assistance. Being in business since 2001, U.S. Tax Recovery is recognized by the IRS as an acceptance agent qualified to obtain an ITIN on your behalf.

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How to Win the Lottery – Choose the Winning Numbers

July 31st, 2010

People dream of winning the lottery to be rich instantly. But most of these people are already hopeless after failing many times. This seems understandable, but not to experts who already won the lottery, not just once but many times. To them, the only requirement to hit the millions is employing strategies that work. To learn about these, pay attention to the details below.

Do not choose the numbers that have already won – This is what most people mistakenly do. They think that they will also get lucky and win by using the same winning numbers on the next draw. Believing in this will only cause you more frustrations. Instead of doing this, try to mix some of the winning numbers with another numbers you picked in random.

Play in smaller lottery – The millions of dollars offered in bigger lottery is very alluring. No wonder many people become too eager in playing this. However, what they don’t realize is that the bigger lottery has millions of players competing to each other. Because of this, the chance of winning the jackpot becomes too thin. Whereas in smaller lottery, only few people play so you have bigger chance of winning.

Make use of lottery system – This software works in similar way as the how the actual lottery system works. It calculates the numbers you’ll pick and generate random set of numbers out of the calculations made. These numbers are the best pick for playing the lottery. What’s great is, every time you use the software, you’ll learn some techniques, giving you more winning numbers.

Join a lottery syndicate. This is a group of people forming a club who shares strategies and techniques to come up with the winning numbers. They employ lottery system and most of them are good in lotto equation. Once the numbers they’ve chosen won, they’ll share their winnings and do the same thing for the next coming draws.

No matter what you do, employing the right strategies will lead you to success. The same concept is true on how to win the lottery. The use of strategies will make things possible. And these strategies have already worked to most lotto winners who are now lotto experts.

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How to Play Blackjack – Basic Strategy

July 30th, 2010

The cards are dealt. Your three options are HIT, STAND or DOUBLE. You have a forth option of SPLITTING if you have two of the same value card which we’ll get into later. IMPORTANT: Always assume the dealer’s card that is facing down has a value of ten (10). If you have 16 or less and the dealer shows a 7, 8, 9, or 10 it is good to HIT. If you have 17 or more, you should STAND.

You want to opt to DOUBLE down in certain situations. You will typically put up your original bet in order to get ONE more card. You may also DOUBLE FOR LESS where you can put up any amount less than your original bet. You will DOUBLE when the dealer is showing a BUST CARD which we will get into next.

What is a BUST CARD? It is when the dealer’s up card shows 4, 5 or 6. If you have 11 or less, take the HIT. If you have 12 or more, STAND. The odds are the dealer will bust. Remember that you always assume the dealer’s card is 10, and that the most common card drawn is 10.

SPLITTING is when you get two of the same valued cards. Examples are 2,2 or 10,10 or A,A. You must put up the same amount of your original bet. The dealer will create two separate hands for you. One of the mistakes many novices will make is not knowing when to split. ALWAYS split Aces and 8′s regardless of what the dealer is showing. The reason being is statistically you have a better chance of winner by doing so. You NEVER want to split 10 values. The reason is you already have a total of 20. There is a very good chance you will win. Why break up a winning hand? You also never want to split 5s. You usually want to DOUBLE, unless the dealer is showing a 10 or A.

Stick with basic strategy and you can reduce your house edge to less than %0.50. That means you can play for hours, days, or weeks and only lose 50 cents for every $100 you play with, on average. Good luck!

Useful Tips to Winning on Slot Machines

July 30th, 2010

Many people believe that winning money on slot machines is based solely on chance and while a huge percentage of winning from these machines does rely on chance, you can actually try and win small amounts of money from different slot machines at certain casinos with the help of certain basic tips to winning on slot machines. The tips you can use for winning from slot machines usually revolves around common sense and discipline since a lot of people end up losing on these machines due to relying too much on luck and by being stubborn about not keeping to a certain budget when playing. For you to win on slot machines, here are some tips you might find useful:

- Always set what is called your bankroll. This is the amount of money that you allow you yourself to use on one particular machine. If the money that you allocate for such a machine runs out, you should find another machine to try and win from and set another bankroll for that next machine. You wouldn’t want to set your whole budget on just one machine and later regret that you didn’t try your luck elsewhere when all you budget gets eaten up by that one machine.

- Another one of the tips to winning is you should decide first what stakes you want to play before choosing your machines. Since there are a lot of different amounts you can bet on when playing slot machines and deciding on what amount you are most comfortable with is one of the first things you need to figure out first before you do sit down on any machine. Just remember that the higher the stakes, the faster you will run down your bankroll and your budget.

- Don’t stick with one machine just because you “feel” it will give you huge winnings soon. Once you’ve exhausted your bankroll for that machine, find another one that you may want to play on.

- When choosing slot machines, try to go for the three reel machines instead of the four reel ones. The chances of winning at three reel machines are higher than with four reel machines since the odds of matching up three identical images or icons are better than matching up four identical images.

- If you’ve won money from a machine and you’ve recouped your bankroll for that machine, set aside your bankroll and play with the existing amount that you have above the bankroll you set for such a machine. This assures you that you’ve already won something. You can also do this the other way and set aside the money that is above the amount you set for your bankroll for such a machine and keep this as your winnings. Every time you win money above the amount you set for you bankroll, set this aside as winnings and don’t touch them even when your bankroll for that particular machine gets totally depleted.

- Once you find that you’ve already doubled the amount of money you budgeted for your slot machine gaming excursion, stop. This is one of the tips to winning on slot machines that some people neglect to heed. Leaving while you are ahead guarantees you that you’ve already won. If you think of adding more to your winnings even when you’ve already won 100% of your budget, you just might end up losing it all and your initial budget as well.

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Play With Discipline When You Play Blackjack Online or in the Casino!

July 29th, 2010

Gamblers are naturally superstitious; after all, luck does play a big part in what they do. However, blackjack is one of the few games where you can actually minimize the role of luck since you are allowed to choose your next move, and this gives it an element of skill unlike most casino games. There are actually strategies developed for blackjack that dictate the best choices to make depending on your hand and the face-up card of the dealer. But you don’t need to be a whiz at mathematics to use these systems; all you need is patience and discipline.

Playing with discipline means being able to walk away from the game when you hit a winning or losing streak. While it’s true that you can’t lose forever, you will probably run out of money long before you reach the point where the odds begin to turn in your favor. On the other hand, it is very true that you can’t win forever, and if you keep playing the house edge will eventually begin to reassert itself; learn when to stop.

Playing with discipline also means sticking with the system even when it seems not to be working. The best strategies for winning blackjack have been proven to be effective, so have the courage to stay the course; eventually the tide will turn. Just learn to manage your money until you start to win.

A third aspect to playing with discipline is gambling only with money you can afford to lose. Betting with a bankroll that you have specifically set aside to gamble means that will make the right moves and place the right bets; betting with your children’s tuition money, on the other hand, means that you may lose control when the game turns against you.

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